AI Optimizations for Ride Sharing Platform

Obhai is a ride-sharing app enabling passengers to select a Car or CNG Auto-rickshaw upon specifying the “destination”. Obhai’s mission is to offer safe, reliable, and convenient transportation to everyone all across Bangladesh.

Project Deliverables:

  • Predicting ride and request density for efficient scheduling.
  • Guiding riders to maximize customer requests and rides while minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Identifying riders prone to fraudulent activity.
  • Identifying potential loyal customers through hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • Using AI to determine fares based on customer acceptance criteria.
  • Automated fare adjustment based on real-time conditions.
  • AI-based matching of customers and drivers based on behavior.
  • AI-driven engagement through push notifications and suggested destinations.
  • Identifying riders for incentives to increase rider loyalty.

Technologies Used:

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • Python
  • Maps API from Google
  • Mapbox