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How to choose and deploy industry-specific AI models

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, previously cutting-edge — but generic — AI models are becoming commonplace, such as Google Cloud’s Vision AI or Amazon Rekognition. While effective in some use cases, these solutions do not suit industry-specific needs right out of the box.

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How AI-Powered Preventive Maintenance Saves Lives, Time And Money For The Utility Sector

Predictive maintenance technologies can be used to analyze the photos and detect anomalies and report them immediately. The AI can identify if any part of the pole is broken or leaking or if certain parts are blocked or obstructed by leaves or other debris.

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ThirdEye Data Named Top AI Development Company By Clutch

Welcome to the 21st century! The most common question in the tech world is whether human and artificial intelligence can coexist. The answer is, AI can surpass human’s problem-solving ability but only with human help. AI models can only solve problems after manual training. Therefore, with human involvement, AI can emulate humans’ ability to respond to various tasks.

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Making the Move From Big Data Service to AI Service

Today’s guest is DJ Das, Founder & CEO of DJ speaks to us today about how he got off the ground by starting meetups. He speaks about how he leveraged and grew a network, developed early conversations enough to build his early revenue, team, and base of employees based on earlier projects.

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How AI Solutions Are Helping Online Retail Thrive in the New Normal

As a result of the pandemic, thousands — if not millions — of retail stores across the globe were forced to embrace an online-only model. In fact, by April 21st, there had been a 146% growth in all online retail orders compared to the same time the year prior, and with consumers realizing the benefits and convenience of online shopping, it’s likely that this trend will stick.

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How Chatbots Can Help HR Enhance Employee Engagement

The pandemic has thrown workforces into disarray. From the transition to remote working to increases in job losses, employees across the globe are grappling with uncertainty and stress. It comes as no surprise that 68pc of professionals working remotely reported feeling more burned out in a recent Blind survey

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Cognitive Technologies For The Next Generation Of Chatbots

Chatbots enhanced with cognitive technologies are able to understand and interact with humans in a natural way, and will soon overtake the largely unnecessary use of ..

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The 4 Roles Your Chief Data Officer Must Play

While understanding business and technology, and how to responsibly manage data is required knowledge, there are four roles every CDO should play in the organization.

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We must move away from ‘cookie-cutter’ chatbots

It’s no secret that when chatbots are bad, they’re really bad. There’s nothing worse than trying to convey your needs and problems in a chat box, only to be met with irrelevant automated responses.

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Building out your data infrastructure? Why a data culture must come first

Data culture lets you do more with less. By incentivizing staff to become more data-driven, organizations are able to optimize their costs in newfound ways. In fact, the majority of the Fortune 1000 companies that use big data do so primarily to decrease business expenses.

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Should your company be open to open sourcing its software?

Developing software can be a long, expensive process for a company, yet there are many advantages to open sourcing, which may seem counterintuitive at first.

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How AI powers B2B online customer experience and sales

At a time when pandemic-stressed B2B companies need to develop better customer experience, marketing and service, artificial intelligence technology can play a crucial role.

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How AI-powered Surveys Can Boost HR Insights and Employee Experience

Gone are the days of standardized engagement surveys and lackluster action on employee responses. AI can help HR professionals send the right survey questions to employees at the right time, and provide actionable insights on the next steps.

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Overcoming Common Pitfalls to Data Discovery and Classification

Companies don’t spend enough time in data discovery to profile the data sets that they deal with on a daily basis. Most of the time, we don’t get the time to do it as businesses

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How predictive analytics can support effective lockdown management

AI-powered predictive analytics solutions can provide crucial insights to law enforcement teams, allowing them to fairly and effectively enforce lockdown restrictions and back up their decision-making with data.

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Top 7 Chatbot Development Companies in India | April 2020

Artificial Intelligent has made the world intelligently ‘smart’ and now is on its way to replace manual labor for human interaction as well. AI chatbot service these days has become a substitute for many organizations to provide the customer with 24*7 interaction services.

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Top 15 Big Data Development Companies In India & USA | 2020

2019 was a significant year across the big data arena. The Big Data industry worth is predicted at $189 billion, almost around $20 billion more than 2018, and is forecasted to reach $247 Billion by 2022. Let’s now dive deep and have an insight of the best Big Data development company in an elaborated way and have a comprehensive understanding.

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Chronicle, Alphabet’s Cybersecurity Moonshot, Is Coming To Google Cloud

Spun out of the secretive X division, Chronicle will merge with sister company Google, and its threat detection tools will later be directly integrated into GCP.

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Top 10 Big Data Companies in California

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider 2018

Thirdeye Data is Rated as Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider 2018. Big data is no fad. The world is witnessing a meteoric rise of data today..

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ThirdEye Data Ranked as Top 3 Big Data Analytics Company

Here’s Why your Business Needs an Anomaly Detection Solution for its Web Server Logs — and Fast

In this special guest feature, Dj Das, Founder & CEO of ThirdEye Data, believes that the weblogs on your website probably hold more importance ..

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The State of Conversational AI and Consumer Trust

Conversational AI voice technology offers new opportunities to automate everyday responsibilities. Yet, people indicate a lack of trust toward these tools’ abilities to successfully complete tasks.

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Helping the Little Guy: The Power of Open Source Software for Startups

It’s no secret that open source software holds many benefits for businesses looking to reap the rewards of these innovative, collaborative and incidentally free efforts..

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