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Understanding and Analyzing Human Languages

nlp solutions

NLP Solutions for Interpreting and Analyzing Human Languages in a Smarter Way

For enterprises, NLP solutions are essential to improve customer experience, optimize the operations and allow data-driven approach for decision making. 

This set of technologies gives the ability to process and understand human language at a scale that can revolutionize the way one interacts with customers, achieving automation for specific business objectives. 

A Brief Insight of NLP Rollouts in Business Operations

NLP solutions are no longer limited to simple keyword matching; they combine machine learning, deep learning, statistical methods and linguistic rules for businesses to begin to draw from the depth of human communication by analyzing concepts within Semantics (understanding), Syntax (word ordering) and Pragmatics (intent interpreting). 

Types of NLP technologies have seen a significant uptick in deployment post the introduction of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model with ChatGPT being one amongst them. Primary application areas we have got hands-on experience with include: 

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Companies use Machine Learning, Deep Learning & NLP models to understand the emotional intensity of text data gathered from emails, feedback forms or social media comments to measure customer delight and overall mood reflected by their customers.

Further, these techniques have also been used to automatically detect and classify the entities from a large text corpus like name, organizations, locations or dates etc. Works by businesses like search, categorization of emails, knowledge graphs and so on. 

By utilizing machine learning, particularly deep learning models, businesses generate content, to craft human-quality text formats like emails, articles, or even creative content. Text summarization, on the other hand, is used on automatically generating concise summaries of lengthy documents by extracting key information and sentences using extractive summarization or abstractive summarization techniques. 

NLP technologies are now vastly used to extract specific or relevant information from various text sources like documents, emails, social media posts, and even hand-written notes. Businesses seek solutions to automatically pull key data from large volumes of files in a simple conversational way like interacting with ChatGPT. 

This is one of the primary use cases of NLP technologies. The main goal is to develop chatbots which can understand and respond to user queries in a humanized, conversational way. By integrating custom LLMs like GPT-4, these chatbots go beyond rule based or knowledge-based applications. 

IDP is a very common use case in Finance, Recruitment and Legal industries. With this solution, enterprises automate tasks like document classification, key data extraction, and form processing. This streamlines workflows, reduces manual effort, and improves data accuracy & security. Even by seeing the growing demand for IDP, we have built a generative AI-powered intelligent document processing platform. 

Customer Success Stories

Natural Language-based Assistance for a Project Management Software Provider

Implemented a Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution for a leading project management software provider. The solution addressed the customer’s need for an advanced software help system.

Generative AI-powered Travel Planning Platform

Developed a Generative AI-powered travel planning platform as MVP for busy professionals seeking well-curated itineraries.

Knowledge Management System for Identifying Subject Matter Experts

Implemented a cognitive computing application leveraging IBM Watson services on the IBM Bluemix cloud infrastructure to identify subject matter experts for a BFSI customer.

Transform Your Business Operation with Advanced NLP Solutions

The field of natural language processing is constantly growing, with advancements like large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 pushing the boundaries of what's possible. If you are also planning to leverage NLP solutions, it is recommended to use our hands-on expertise to get tangible results.