Building Real-World Solutions for Enterprises with Generative AI Technologies

At ThirdEye Data, we stand at the forefront of this revolutionary technology, harnessing its power to tackle real-world industry challenges and deliver tangible business outcomes.

Expertise at Your Fingertips:

  • Seasoned Team: Benefit from our team of 50+ OpenAI and Generative AI experts, well-versed in utilizing groundbreaking large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4, DALL-E, PaLM, and IBM Watson.
  • Open & Closed Source Mastery: Leverage our deep understanding of both open-source and closed-source Generative AI tools, including Azure OpenAI services.
  • Custom-Crafted Solutions: We meticulously design and build intelligent enterprise applications tailored to your specific needs, powered by advanced generative models.

We have successfully integrated our custom Generative AI models into various existing business frameworks. However, in order to unlock the full potential of these models, we recommend businesses to ensure the followings:

  • Identifying the right use cases: The first step is to identify the right use cases for generative AI.
  • Gathering the right data: Once the use cases have been identified, enterprises need to gather the right data.
  • Building the right infrastructure: Enterprises also need to build the right infrastructure to support the generative AI models.
  • Testing and iterating: Testing the models on different datasets and making changes as needed are most improtant.

Generative AI Applications in Various Industries

We have developed and implemented various generative AI-powered applications which are helping enterprises to solve real-world industry problems and boost their revenue. Browse through the applications for better understanding and choose the suitable application for your business needs.

Contact Center Analytics

Support Your Customers Well

Using Speech to text service for automatic Contact Center Analytics form filling and entity extraction with OpenAl to machine readable records.

Domains: Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, Finance

Conversational AI

Meaningful Conversations

The capabilities of OpenAI’s models enable developers to create interactive and natural conversational experiences for customers.

Domains: Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, Finance

Find Relevant Information

Get Going With Your Work

Digitize documents, find relevant information through Semantic or Cognitive Search, and summarize them (e.g. legal document summarization).

Domains: Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, Finance

Sentiment Analytics

Know Your Customers

OpenAI’s models can be leveraged to perform sentiment analysis on various types of text, such as customer reviews, social media posts, or support tickets.

Domain: Retail

Summarize Large Documents

Reading Made Easy

With OpenAI’s LLMs, enterprises can generate a concise summary while extracting key information from large volume of  documents or files.

Domains: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, Finance, Retail

Semantic Search for Large Data

More Finding, Less Searching

Leveraging OpenAI’s models for semantically searching over a large corpus of data, finding relevant information based on the context.

Domains: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, Finance, Retail

Not seeing the kind of Generative AI solutions you are looking for in the list?

No worries; we also build custom Generative AI solutions to meet unique business needs. Feel free to share your requirements with our GenAI experts.

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Common Business Asks on Generative AI Implementations

There are several potential revenue streams tied to generative AI. These include selling or licensing generative AI-generated content, offering generative AI-based services or tools to other businesses, providing personalized recommendations or experiences to customers and charging for them, and using generative AI to optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, leading to overall revenue growth.