Industries – Retail

Retail industry is becoming a leading AI adopter specially to enhance their customer experience and optimize adverting campaigns. Addition to the list, there are some use cases where we have been asked to develop AI-powered cybersecurity applications to protect customer data.

We have developed the following AI applications for the Retail Industry:

  • Connected Retail System
  • Demand Forecasting Platform
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Conversational AI Chatbot
  • Pricing Optimization Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems

Project References


Developing end-to-end Solutions, Custom Applications, POCs, and Demos using the latest Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services & Machine Learning technologies.

Technologies Used:
HDInsights, HDInsight Spark, Azure, EventHub, Azure Streaming Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage, Cognitive Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, R Server, CosmosDB, Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Polybase, Xamarin Apps, PowerBI


Built Marketing Analytics
Link all Ad Data sets to transaction data through common identifiers and derive metrics and insights based on the linked data.

Technologies Used:

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS

Predictive Analytics Solution

Technologies Used: Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, VPC, S3, Kony MobileFabric, Tibco Spotfire, Attunity CloudBeam, Trend Micro Deep Security, SoftNAS Cloud NAS

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