Data Science Services & Solutions

Developing Custom AI/ML Models to Gain Valuable Insights for Unstructured Enterprise Data

In today's digital age, companies generate a tidal wave of data. However, they often fail to extract actionable insights from their vast data reserves. At ThirdEye Data, we bridge the gap between raw data and actionable intelligence with a comprehensive suite of data science services and solutions.

Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Insights: Unleash the Value of Raw Enterprise Data

Enterprises struggle to extract actionable insights from data, leading to decisions based on intuition rather than evidence. We understand these challenges and offer tailored data science solutions to boost sales, optimize marketing, streamline operations, and predict trends.

Derive Tangible Insights from Unstructured Enterprise Data

Data Science Services and Solutions for Enterprises

Bridge the Gap Between Data and Decisions: Accelerate Business Growth with ThirdEye’s Data Science Expertise.

Harnessing the power of analytics is critical for gaining a competitive advantage. ThirdEye’s data science consulting services transcend basic analytics, offering a deep understanding of your challenges. We analyze your data structure and seamlessly integrate insights into your business strategy, resulting in tangible outcomes and expedited decision-making across all functions.

Descriptive Analytics

Providing clear picture of past performance, helping businesses understand their current state and identify areas for improvement.

Use Cases:

- Track key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales, marketing, and customer service.

- Analyze customer demographics and purchase behavior.

- Monitor resource utilization and identify optimization opportunities.

Diagnostic Analytics

Uncovering the "why" behind patterns, allowing businesses to address root causes of problems and improve efficiency.

Use Cases:

- Identify factors contributing to customer churn and develop targeted retention strategies.

- Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and optimize messaging for different customer segments.

- Diagnose operational bottlenecks and implement improvements to streamline processes.

Prescriptive Analytics

Providing actionable recommendations based on data insights, allowing businesses to optimize strategies and maximize ROI.

Use Cases:

- Execute personalized product recommendations to increase sales conversions.

- Optimize pricing strategies based on customer demand and competitor pricing.

- Develop data-driven financial models for better investment decisions.

Most Popular Data Science Solutions

Predictive Analytics

Helps businesses predict future trends and events, enabling proactive decision-making and risk mitigation.

Use Case:

- Forecast customer demand and optimize inventory management.

- Predict equipment failures and schedule preventive maintenance.

- Identify potential fraud attempts and implement security measures.

Anomaly Detection

Identifying unusual patterns or deviations from historical or real-time data.

Use Cases:

- Detect anomalies in sensor data from machinery, indicating potential equipment failures.

- Identify fraudulent transactions in real-time using anomaly detection algorithms.

- Track suspicious user activity and potential security breaches.

- Detect potential disruptions in the electricity supply.

Time Series Analysis

We utilize time series analysis to extract valuable insights from data collected over time, uncovering trends, seasonality, and patterns that facilitate informed decision-making.

Use Cases:

- Product Demand Forecasting: Companies forecast sales fluctuations throughout the year, ensuring to have adequate stocks.

- Stock Market Trends: Analyze past stock market fluctuations to predict potential trends.

- Energy Demand Forecasting: Based on the historical electricity usage data, predict peak demand periods.

Summary: Data Science Services We Perform

– Understanding business goals and requirements
– Analyzing data quality and characters
– Ingesting data from required sources
– Preparing data for modeling purposes
– Identifying appropriate algorithms for
the use-case being worked upon
– Developing Machine Learning Models
– Executing the models multiple times
 -Ranking & Scoring data
– Training & retraining models
– Post deployment support for improving accuracy

Tools & Technology Stack We Use for Data Science Services

Upgrade Your Process Automation with Trending Generative AI Technologies

At ThirdEye Data, we stand at the forefront of this revolutionary technology, harnessing its power to tackle real-world industry challenges and deliver tangible business outcomes. Explore our expertise and pre-built use cases.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions We Offer

AI Automation

Imagine having a tireless digital assistant powered by machine learning (ML) algorithms like decision trees or reinforcement learning. It can tackle repetitive tasks currently slowing you down, from data analysis and report generation using tools like Natural Language Generation (NLG) to content creation and even software testing with techniques like image recognition. This frees up your valuable time and resources to focus on higher-level priorities.

Conversational AI

Revolutionize customer service with Conversational AI! Imagine having a 24/7 personal concierge powered by natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning techniques. Conversational AI enables chatbots and virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri to understand your natural language and respond in a helpful and informative way. This often involves techniques like sentiment analysis and topic modeling to personalize interactions and provide relevant information.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Unlock the secrets hidden within text data with NLP! This branch of AI analyzes and interprets human language using cutting-edge techniques like Large Language Models (LLMs) and deep learning algorithms. Popular LLMs include OpenAI's GPT-4 or Google's LaMDA, known for their remarkable ability to process and generate human-quality text. NLP empowers you to extract insights from documents, emails, social media posts, and surveys.

Computer Vision

Empower machines with the power to "see" using computer vision! This technology analyzes and extracts information from images and videos using techniques like convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Popular applications include object detection for self-driving cars, image classification for medical image analysis, and facial recognition for enhanced security measures.

MLOps Engineering

Ensure your machine learning models run smoothly with MLOps engineering! This discipline focuses on automating the Machine Learning (ML) lifecycle, streamlining processes like model training, deployment, monitoring performance. MLOps minimizes errors and ensures efficient and reliable operation of your ML models in production, maximizing their value and impact.

Customer Success Stories

Built an AI-powered platform that can detect the quality of the third-party provided electric poles’s images and process them for anomaly detection.

Developed an AI-based alerting system to address the issue of maintaining the optimum size of plywood sheets during the manufacturing process.

Built a medical equipment’s battery remaining life prediction system with Machine Learning regression model based on early life cycle test data.

Forbes Article | Press Mentions

How AI-Powered Preventive Maintenance Saves Lives, Time And Money For The Utility Sector

See how ThirdEye's predictive maintenance solutions have been used to save thousands of lives in California, USA.

Common Business Asks (FAQs)

Data science is like a detective story. The life cycle is the roadmap to uncover hidden insights from the raw data:

  • Case File: We consult with you, understanding your business challenges and data landscape.
  • Scene Investigation: Data acquisition and cleaning prepare the evidence for analysis.
  • Clues & Patterns: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) reveals trends and characteristics within your data.
  • Building the Profile: We develop and train models to solve your specific needs.
  • Cracking the Case: Rigorous evaluation ensures the model delivers accurate insights.
  • Taking it to Trial: Deployment puts the model to work, generating valuable results.
  • Keeping an Eye Out: Ongoing monitoring and maintenance keep the model sharp over time.

Data science is your business’s secret weapon! Here are just a few battlegrounds where it shines:

  • Sales & Marketing: Predict customer churn (63% of companies struggle with this!), personalize campaigns (80% of customers expect personalization), and optimize pricing (dynamic pricing can boost profits by 27%).
  • Operations: Identify inefficiencies (hidden costs lurk everywhere!), predict equipment failures (prevent downtime!), and optimize resource allocation (maximize output with the right resources).
  • Risk Management: Reduce fraud (global fraud losses hit $2 trillion in 2020!), identify credit defaults (mitigate financial risks), and combat security threats (proactive protection for your data).
  • Customer Insights: Understand sentiment (what are your customers REALLY saying?), identify emerging trends (stay ahead of the curve!), and improve customer satisfaction (loyal customers are your best advocates!).
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed choices across all departments, from product development to financial planning (data empowers strategic decision-making!).

Absolutely! Here’s some hard evidence:

  • According to McKinsey Report, Data-driven organizations are 5% more productive and generate 10% higher profits.
  • Harvard Business Review states, companies that embrace data science outperform competitors by 85% in sales growth.

Data science isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer for businesses that want to thrive in today’s data-driven world.

Data science has infiltrated nearly every industry, but some sectors are reaping the early harvest:

  • Finance: Fraud detection, personalized financial products, algorithmic trading.
  • Retail: Personalized recommendations, demand forecasting, optimized inventory management.
  • Healthcare: Medical diagnosis, drug discovery, patient risk prediction.
  • Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance, optimizing production lines, quality control.

The list goes on! Data science’s applications are as vast as your imagination.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single leader. Every industry is discovering unique benefits. However, industries that generate and collect large amounts of data (finance, healthcare, retail) are seeing significant advancements.

The key takeaway? Data science isn’t limited to a select few. Its potential is universal, waiting to be unlocked in your B2B landscape. Please talk to an expert to understand the impact of data science for your business.

The cost of data science solutions is dynamic, depending on your specific needs and project scope. At ThirdEye Data, we offer flexible engagement models to fit your budget. We believe data science shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be an accessible tool for businesses of all sizes.

Insights & Expert Columns

Exploring time series data analysis using wavelet transform, a technique that reveals both time and frequency information unlike Fast Fourier Transform.

Using Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) to detect anomalies in machinery vibration data. VAEs are generative models that encode data into a latent space and then reconstruct it.

This article argues that there’s more to gauging a machine learning model’s success than just accuracy. It emphasizes that success criteria should be adaptable and multifaceted.

Develop and Deploy Custom AI/ML Models to Get Actionable Insights