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Building the Smart Factory with Bespoke AI Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

In the heart of the manufacturing industry, a revolution is quietly unfolding. It’s not a scene from a sci-fi movie, but rather a reality that’s reshaping the way things are made. Welcome to the world of AI solutions in manufacturing, where technology isn’t just a tool but a visionary partner, transforming factories into smart, agile, and incredibly efficient hubs of innovation. Couple years back, artificial intelligence was a cool technology to develop extraordinary gadgets or applications. But the current scenario is completely different, industries are keen to make investments for AI implementations to solve -real-world industry problems.

Manufacturing industry is leading from the front in terms of AI adoption. According to reports, the global AI in manufacturing market size is expected to grow from USD 3.8 billion in 2022 to USD 68.36 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 33.5% over the forecast period 2023-2032.

There are some primary challenges which are driving manufacturing industry towards AI solutions:

Predictive Maintenance

Imagine a factory floor where machines whisper their health status long before they break down. Thanks to AI-driven predictive maintenance, this isn’t a fantasy anymore. Sensors collect data on machine vibrations, temperature, and performance, feeding it into AI algorithms. These algorithms predict when maintenance is needed, preventing costly downtime and extending the lifespan of expensive equipment.

Quality Control

“Quality control” takes on a whole new meaning with AI. Computer vision systems, equipped with powerful AI algorithms, inspect products with unparalleled precision. They can identify microscopic defects, ensuring that only flawless items make it to the market. Human inspectors can’t compete with the speed and accuracy of AI. It’s a game-changer for manufacturing industries where quality is paramount.

Supply Chain Management

AI is the modern-day maestro orchestrating complex supply chains with ease. It predicts demand, manages inventory, optimizes logistics, and adapts to disruptions in real-time. The result? Reduced costs, faster deliveries, and delighted customers. Whether it’s a global conglomerate or a local manufacturer, AI levels the playing field by optimizing the entire supply chain.

How We Develop AI Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

AI solutions development process for manufacturing industry

Benefits of AI Adoption for Manufacturing Industry

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

AI-driven automation streamlines processes, reducing manual labor and operational inefficiencies. This leads to higher production rates and overall efficiency improvements.

Predictive Maintenance

AI-powered predictive maintenance algorithms help anticipate equipment failures, reducing unplanned downtime. This extends the lifespan of machinery and lowers maintenance costs.

Enhanced Quality Control

AI-driven quality control systems can detect defects and anomalies with high precision, ensuring that only high-quality products reach customers. This reduces rework and product recalls.

Supply Chain Management

AI forecasts demand, optimizes inventory levels, and enhances logistics management. This results in cost reductions, improved inventory turnover, and faster delivery times.

Enhanced Safety

AI-driven systems improve workplace safety by detecting potential hazards, automating critical tasks and monitoring for potential safety parameters.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

AI provides data analytics and insights that empower informed decision-making. Manufacturers can make strategic choices based on real-time data and historical trends.

Data & AI Project References – Manufacturing Industry


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Technologies Used: On-premise Microsoft stack , Azure Cloud, Open Source Pricing Algorithms, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blobs, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL DB, PowerBI

Nimble Storage

Predictive Maintenance Platform

Technologies Used: Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Ignite, Hadoop HDFS, HP Vertica, App Server, Shiny R Server, D3.js


Hadoop DW – Dev & Ops Support

Technologies Used: Cloudera Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Impala, SASM, Amazon Redshift, S3.

Resolve Meical

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Technologies Used: Google Cloud, Apache Spark, Apache KafkaTensorFlow, OpenCV, Python, R


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ThirdEye is helping develop their first ever data platform to enable Hydrow perform analytics for their sales, marketing and business stakeholders.


Data Lake Implementation & Operationalization

Inventory Optimization System

Technologies Used: Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Server, SQL Server (on premise), Power BI, SQL Scripts, PowerShell Scripts


Secured Mobile Payments for Retailers

Technologies Used: NA


Migration to Hadoop based Data Warehouse

Various EDW/BI Projects

Note: Apple was an indirect customer as the contract was through Infosys.


Real Time Network Diagnostics – Machine Learning based.

Technologies: NA

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