Customer Data Analytics

Empowering enterprises to leverage the symphony of data sources, including website behavior, marketing campaign interactions, and customer service exchanges with deep and real-time insights.

Craft Hyper-Personalized Customer Journeys with Customer Data Analytics (CDA)

Customer Data Analytics offers a transformative approach to deciphering consumer behavior, enabling businesses to create deep and meaningful interactions across various marketing channels. By leveraging predictive analytics, businesses can empower marketers to craft personalized experiences that resonate with the engaged customer. Let’s delve into how integrating data and AI solutions into different phases of the customer acquisition funnel can drive unparalleled results.

Unlocking Customer Insights Across Phases of Customer Acquisition


AI-powered algorithms enhance the process of brand awareness by predicting consumer preferences and optimizing ad targeting strategies across digital platforms.

Utilize data analytics to understand the demographics of your target audience, including age, gender, location, and income level.

Track online behaviors such as website visits, social media interactions, and content consumption to identify potential leads.

Employ AI algorithms to predict consumer preferences and optimize ad targeting across digital platforms for maximum reach and engagement.


Customer data analytics enables marketers to segment their audience based on behavior, demographics, and purchasing history, ensuring personalized messaging and offerings.

Use data analytics to segment the audience based on behavior, demographics, and past interactions to deliver tailored messaging.

Leverage AI-driven insights to create personalized content recommendations and product suggestions based on past behavior and preferences.

Employ generative AI to dynamically optimize website content and landing pages based on real-time data and user interactions.


Data analytics empowers businesses to optimize their sales funnel by identifying bottlenecks and friction points in the customer journey, thus enhancing conversion rates.

Analyze conversion data and customer feedback to identify barriers to purchase and optimize the sales process accordingly.

Utilize AI algorithms to recommend the most effective strategies for driving conversions based on past behavior and preferences.

Offer personalized discounts and incentives based on predictive analytics to encourage purchase behavior and drive conversions.


Customer data insights allows businesses to track customer journey and satisfaction levels, identifying scope to enhance the post-purchase experience and optimize the LTV.

Analyze customer feedback and transaction data to identify areas for improvement and enhance the post-purchase experience.

Utilize AI-powered predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and preferences, providing proactive support and personalized assistance.

Implement targeted loyalty programs and retention campaigns based on data-driven insights to foster long-term customer relationships and maximize lifetime value.

Unlocking Your Customer Insights

Incorporating data analytics and AI solutions into the customer acquisition funnel is essential for businesses looking for sustainable growth. By harnessing the power of customer data at each phase of the funnel, businesses can create personalized experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and long-term loyalty, ultimately leading to sustainable growth and success.

Customer Success Stories

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Developed and launched a comprehensive healthcare analytics platform designed to empower private practicing healthcare professionals with data-driven insights.

Enhancing Sales Operations for a Fabric Manufacturing Company

Establishing a fully integrated AI system capable of making informed predictions to optimize inventory and sales strategies by integrating existing data sources and external data sources.

Order Management System for Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Developed a next-generation order management system for a leading oilfield equipment and services provider. The objective was to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer engagement.

Optimizing Lead Conversion with ML - NAVIK Converter

Developed and Launched NAVIK Converter - helping enterprises achieve the maximum benefits from their Big Data and optimize lead conversions.

Optimizing Sales with Product Recommendation Engine

Built product recommendation engine by analyzing huge amount of data. The solution builds product score with respects to different parameters which change over time intraday.

Machine Learning based Effective Email Marketing Campaign Management

Automating hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns with machine learning to promote products based on the customers’ behavior, includes usage, spending and demographic data.