Keeping the lights on in the times of Coronavirus – ThirdEye has a plan!

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Keeping the lights on in the times of Coronavirus - ThirdEye has a plan! Over the past few weeks, the word as we know it has become unrecognizable. The impact of the coronavirus, [...]

Harnessing Machine Learning for Anomaly Detections in Web Server Logs

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Detecting Anomaly in Web Server Logs with Microsoft Azure Cloud – For FREE and at one-tenth the effort! Every website has web server logs which record the intricate details of site visitors – their [...]

Chat with TEbot – the Big Data Advisor!

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ThirdEye Data has launched Syra, a Custom Enterprise Chatbot Development service. As part of the service, we are launching TEbot today, a Big Data Advisor. TEbot answers your questions about Big Data technologies to help you decide on which [...]

Artificial intelligence: The time to act is now | McKinsey & Company

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Artificial intelligence will soon change how we conduct our daily lives. Are companies prepared to capture value from the oncoming wave of innovation? Pity the radiology department at your local hospital. Yes, they have a fine MRI [...]

Connected Retail – It’s the Experience that Matters

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The ever-present question in the minds of consumers - who is going to win the battle between online retailers and bricks-and-mortar stores? Will the bricks-and-mortar stores close down or will the online retailers [...]

Know Thy Data – How a Bank Enabled its Global Employees to Discover Information

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Data is the most valuable asset for any enterprise today. That’s why knowing what’s where and how to access it in time is super critical for any company’s business success. [...]