NVIDIA CEO Foresees India’s IT Sector as Global AI Vanguard

In a significant development marking the convergence of technological innovation and international collaboration, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently engaged in talks with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their discussions revolved around leveraging India’s formidable IT talent pool to spearhead the global artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Huang’s remarks shed light on NVIDIA’s commitment to partnering with the Indian government and various corporate entities, underscoring India’s pivotal role in shaping the future of AI. 

“India has the largest population of IT professionals, there is no question they will be re-skilled for AI,” shared Huang, emphasizing the immense potential of India’s workforce in driving AI innovation worldwide. 

Here are the key highlights of NVIDIA’s collaborative efforts with India: 

Jensen Huang at PMO India, Image Source: NVIDIA

Empowering Sovereign AI Clouds:  

NVIDIA is set to power sovereign AI clouds, exemplified by India’s Shakti Cloud initiative by the Hiranandani Group’s data center arm, Yotta Data Services Yotta Data Services aims to localize end-to-end data storage requirements for governments and enterprises, with plans to install over 20,400 NVIDIA-based supercomputers by June 2024. 

Collaboration with Industry Giants:  

NVIDIA is actively engaging in discussions with corporate giants such as Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Communications, and Netweb Technologies to develop and deploy GPU-based servers in India, bolstering the country’s AI infrastructure. 

Participation in India’s AI Vision:  

NVIDIA is aligning itself with India’s ambitious plan to establish 100,000 GPU processing clusters to meet its burgeoning AI computing needs. The government has already announced the availability of 10,000 GPUs and launched a marketplace to facilitate better R&D facilities in this regard. 

Furthermore, the recent approval of India’s AI mission with a budget of $1.2 billion by the Cabinet signifies the government’s commitment to fostering AI innovation on a national scale. India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority’s report revealing over 900 million broadband users underscores the vast data reservoir that could fuel global AI demands. 

NVIDIA’s strategic focus on India comes at a time when global AI markets are experiencing exponential growth, projected to surge from $168.5 billion in 2022 to over $2 trillion by 2032. By tapping into India’s burgeoning market and its rich talent pool, NVIDIA aims to play a pivotal role in driving AI innovation forward. 

In parallel to these developments, ThirdEye Data has launched its Learning Path program, aiming to train thousands of aspiring data scientists and AI engineers to be industry ready. Through internships, training, workshops, hands-on projects, and direct or indirect placement opportunities, ThirdEye Data seeks to contribute to India’s AI ecosystem by nurturing engineering talent and fostering innovation. 

As India emerges as a global AI powerhouse, collaborations between industry leaders like NVIDIA and initiatives such as ThirdEye Data’s Learning Path program will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of AI innovation in the country and beyond.