AI, AI Everywhere; But What's In It for Us?

The world of AI is becoming harder to fathom by the day.
How can AI help your business become more profitable, run more efficiently, and operate more effortlessly?

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ThirdEye Data has the business acumen, domain understanding, and technical maturity to develop a viable AI Strategy for your enterprise. 

ThirdEye’s AI Strategy development process encompasses a comprehensive range of services that meticulously build a path toward your business goals, firmly based on ground realities and your business’s uniqueness.

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Assessment of Business Needs

  • In-depth analysis of your organization’s business goals, challenges, and data landscape to identify potential AI applications and opportunities.
  • Evaluation of your organization’s current AI readiness, including infrastructure, data governance, and talent expertise.

AI Strategy Formulation

  • Collaborative development of a customized AI roadmap aligned with your organization’s overall business strategy.
  • Prioritization of AI initiatives based on potential impact, feasibility, and resource constraints.
  • Establishment of clear performance metrics and success criteria for measuring the effectiveness of the AI strategy.

Develop Proof of Concept (PoC)s

  • Creation of a scaled-down, controlled environment to test the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed AI solutions.
  • Validation of the chosen AI approach and identification of potential challenges or adjustments needed before full-scale implementation.

Implementation and Integration

  • We guide you in selecting and deploying the necessary AI tools, technologies, and infrastructure.
  • We ensure seamless integration of AI solutions with your existing business systems and processes.
  • Change management and training to ensure user adoption and maximize the value of your AI initiatives.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring:

  • We deploy our AI experts for continuous monitoring and evaluation of AI model performance against established metrics.
  • We take care of the refinement and optimization of AI models and algorithms to ensure sustained effectiveness.
  • Leverage the provision of ongoing support and guidance to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Sample Questions that are Answered during the AI Strategy Development

  • Where and how can we apply AI to help us improvise/revise/change existing processes in any/every department across the company? 
  • Which department’s use cases would have the highest impact by leveraging AI technologies?
  • Is GenAI right for us at this time, given our use cases and associated data sets?
  • How do we keep up the pace of innovations in AI technologies, especially GenAI?
  • What if we develop an AI solution and it becomes outdated within a month?
  • How do we get/determine ROI for our AI implementations?
  • How do we compute the cost savings or operational efficiencies achieved by such AI  implementations ?
  • Would the cost of implementing AI solutions be worth it, given the high cost of AI professionals?
  • Would we have access to skilled professionals to help us update/operate/maintain our newly developed AI apps? If yes, at what cost?
  • When is the right time to take the dip?
  • How do we ensure that our data is clean, ready and available for AI or BI analytical consumptions by downstream enterprise applications?
  • How do we manage, catalog and govern our data for a complete 360 deg. understanding of our customers, sales, supply chain, finance etc.?
  • How do we build a platform that’s optimized for AI implementations that can ingest and store data from various sources including on premise enterprise applications, third party locations or from the cloud?
  • How to enable these AI solutions to have advanced historical and predictive analytical capabilities?

ThirdEye Data demystifies the process with clear answers and hands-on expertise. We guide you every step of the way.

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We have implemented 70+ AI projects

We have implemented 70+ AI projects for small to large scale enterprises including some Fortune 500 companies. Take some time out to browse through our top AI implementation project references.