Data is the new oil

but it needs refinement before consumption.

For success in AI implementations, you must ensure your data is ready first.
ThirdEye conducts Data Readiness Checks so that you can get going with your AI implementation. 

What We Do

1. Evaluate

Take a hands-on approach to understand the business goals, current & future use cases, current data landscape, and expected data growth, in terms of volume, types & sources. Conduct interviews with data producers and consumers.

2. Understand

Get a firm understanding of the current and future business goals of your organization, data platform architecture, data security, and privacy policies in place. Assimilate it all together, taking a "third eye" perspective.

3. Recommend

Submit a full report with recommendations of actions that need to be taken to get your data ready for AI implementations. The report takes a business-first approach and includes project plans with time and effort estimates.

What You Get

  • Detailed plan for a data platform that is architected towards accelerated analytics and insights with maximum AI automation
  • Roadmap and project plan detailing deliverables by timeline
  • Gap Analysis of current approaches (comparing current with the necessary future state)
  • Source System availability evaluation and recommendations
  • Technical data stack evaluation & recommendations
  • Assessment of data security and approaches
  • Appraisal of current data governance practices

Let's Get AI Ready

Customers Love the Data Readiness Check Program

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Their work made team members more aware of the importance of data and how it can make a difference for our company.

CTO Brave Thinking Institute

ThirdEye has been able to understand the great platform to build on. Business leaders have also understood the value, and are the ones we need to drive forward.

IT Portfolio Manager Tex-Isle

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