Revolutionizing the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry with Bespoke AI Solutions

The Energy, Oil & Gas industry is no stranger to innovation. Over the years, it has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to meet growing global energy demands. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in this sector, providing a unique set of tools and solutions that have the potential to transform the industry.

At ThirdEye Data, we have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge AI applications tailored to the unique needs of the Energy, Oil & Gas (EOG) industry. Our suite of AI applications is designed to revolutionize your operations, ensuring increased efficiency, reduced risks, and improved operational safety. Here’s a closer look at the AI applications we offer:

Equipment Health Monitoring

  • Gain real-time insights into the health of critical equipment.
  • Proactively identify issues to prevent costly downtime and maintenance.
  • Ensure the longevity of your machinery while maximizing operational efficiency.

Anomaly Detection in Electric Poles

  • Detect and address anomalies in your electric pole infrastructure.
  • Prevent electrical outages and infrastructure damage.
  • Enhance safety by identifying potential hazards before they escalate.

Predictive Maintenance Systems

  • Implement predictive maintenance strategies to optimize asset performance.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by addressing issues before they become critical.
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment, improving overall reliability.

Demand Forecasting

  • Accurately predict the demand and consumption patterns.
  • Optimize resource allocation, reducing wastage and costs.
  • Ensure a seamless supply of production to meet customer needs.

Grid Security Systems

  • Enhance grid security by detecting and mitigating threats.
  • Safeguard critical infrastructure against cyberattacks and physical threats.
  • Maintain a resilient energy grid for uninterrupted service.

Energy Efficiency Systems

  • Implement AI-driven strategies to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Reduce energy consumption and operational costs.
  • Meet sustainability goals and minimize environmental impact.

Project References

Southern California Edison

Image Quality Detection Platform

Built an end-to-end platform that picks up third-party provided images of electric poles to detect the quality of the image for further downstream consumptions. Once the quality of the images are determined to be adequate, the system channels these images for anomaly detection and other downstream analytics.

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Anomaly Detection in Electric Poles

Developed a solution that would identify various images in a picture, including electric poles, detect anomalies in these electric poles and their sub-parts, and predict the probability of defective electric poles to further deterioration.

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Data Lake Implementation and Operationalization
Inventory Optimization System

Setup data lake that ingests 200+ data sources with varied data sources types and formats, data pipelines that ingests data in batch, real-time and incremental basis. Also, developed ML models to deliver inventory optimization strategies that inherently helped the company’s bottom line.

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British Petroleum

Staffing Services

ThirdEye is among the handful of third-party vendors helping them in digital transformation initiatives for important positions like Senior Data Engineers, Data & Cloud Architects.

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