Azure Blob Storage

Massively scalable and secure object storage for cloud-native workloads, archives, data lakes, high-performance computing and machine learning

Store and access unstructured data at scale

Azure Blob Storage helps you create data lakes for your analytics needs and provides storage to build powerful cloud-native and mobile apps. Optimise costs with tiered storage for your long-term data and flexibly scale up for high-performance computing and machine learning workloads.

Scalable, durable and available

Sixteen nines of designed durability with geo-replication and flexibility to scale as needed.


Authentication with Azure Active Directory and role-based access control (RBAC), plus encryption at rest and advanced threat protection.

Optimised for data lakes

File namespace and multi-protocol access support enabling analytics workloads for data insights.

Comprehensive data management

End-to-end lifecycle management, policy-based access control and immutable (WORM) storage.

Build powerful cloud-native applications

Blob storage is built from the ground up to support the scale, security and availability needs of mobile, web and cloud-native application developers. Use it as a cornerstone for serverless architectures such as Azure Functions. Blob storage supports the most popular development frameworks, including Java, .NET, Python and Node.js and is the only cloud storage service that offers a premium, SSD-based object storage tier for low-latency and interactive scenarios.

Store petabytes of data, cost-effectively

With multiple storage tiers and automated lifecycle management, store massive amounts of infrequently or rarely accessed data in a cost-efficient way. Replace your tape archives with Blob storage and never worry about migrating across hardware generations.

Build powerful data lakes

Azure Data Lake Storage is a highly scalable and cost-effective data lake solution for big data analytics. It combines the power of a high-performance file system with massive scale and economy to help you speed your time to insight. Data Lake Storage extends Azure Blob Storage capabilities and is optimised for analytics workloads.

Scale up for HPC or out for billions of IoT devices

Blob storage meets the demanding, high-throughput requirements of HPC applications while providing the scale necessary to support storage for billions of data points flowing in from IoT endpoints.

Built-in data security

  • Microsoft invests more than USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development. 
  • We employ more than 3,500 security experts dedicated to data security and privacy. 

Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider.

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