Azure SQL Server

The Cloud That Knows SQL Server Best

The best choice for mission-critical database workloads

Get a high-performing, unified SQL platform built on the industry-leading SQL Server engine—with limitless scalability and intelligent performance and security. Migrate without needing to redesign your apps, improve performance of existing apps, and build highly scalable cloud services by switching to Azure—the best cloud destination for your mission-critical SQL Server workloads.

Mission-critical performance and availability

Get limitless scalability and break through your apps’ performance barriers by using cloud-native solutions. Boost the performance and uptime of your apps with the highest business continuity and availability service-level agreements (SLAs) in the industry.

Built-in intelligence

Take advantage of the built-in intelligence based on the telemetry of millions of databases. Run your workloads on autopilot with databases that automatically tune performance and improve reliability and data protection.

Unparalleled flexibility

Create and manage your SQL databases from a single platform. Build and manage Azure Virtual Machines alongside SQL databases, pools, and instances using a centralized management view. And, align your apps’ requirements with the right database resources using a simple guided experience.

Everything you need to get started easily

Azure SQL Database

Get instant access by signing up for an Azure account. Then, discover how to use SQL Database: explore tutorials, samples, and other documentation. And deploy SQL Database using quickstart resources made by the Azure community.

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Start using Linux-based Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu SQL Virtual Machine images with Linux documentation and a Red Hat Operations Guide. And, get step-by-step instructions for Windows and data migration scenarios.

Microsoft Learn

Get free, hands-on tutorials on using Azure and other Microsoft technologies—at your own speed and on your own schedule. Take advantage of step-by-step modules, learning paths, and demo videos designed to prepare you for industry-recognized Microsoft certifications.

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