AI Floor Generation & Interior Design Software - Case Study

AI Floor Generation, 3D Modeling and Interior Design Software 

The design firm aimed to develop a cutting-edge AI-powered interior design software to automate and streamline the design process. ThirdEye Data developed a compact software powered by the latest technologies and customized it as per the business requirements.



The traditional interior design process of the customer faced severe challenges:

  • Time-consuming manual efforts in layout creation, documentation, and visualization.
  • Potential for human error in design and quotations.
  • Lack of real-time design customization options for clients.
  • Difficulty in adhering to various international building regulations.


ThirdEye Data proposed a solution to the customer, an AI-powered interior design software with features including:

  • Automated Requirement Capturing: Using natural language processing, the AI understands client needs for layouts, furniture, and structural changes.
  • Intelligent Floor Plan Generation: The AI generates multiple floor plan options considering client requirements and adhering to regulatory constraints.
  • 3D Visualization and Rendering: Clients can interact with a real-time 3D model, allowing for design adjustments and material selection visualization.
  • Quotation Automation: The software automatically generates cost estimates based on the chosen design elements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Built-in knowledge of international building codes ensures all designs comply with local regulations.

Implementation Strategy

ThirdEye proposed a phased rollout strategy to ensure a smooth and successful development process:

  • Phase 0: Proof of Concept (PoC) – This initial phase focused on developing core functionalities like basic requirement capture, limited floor plan generation, and simple 3D visualization. This PoC served to validate the AI’s potential and gather valuable user feedback.
  • Phase 1: Requirement and Floor Plan Automation – Building upon the PoC, this phase aimed to refine requirement capture and significantly enhance the variety and complexity of generated floor plans. Additionally, basic integration of local regulations was implemented for automated compliance checks.
  • Phase 2: Advanced 3D Modeling and Rendering – With a solid foundation in place, this phase focused on developing high-fidelity 3D experiences. Key features included real-time rendering with detailed textures, interactive design adjustments, and cost estimations that dynamically update with design changes.
  • Phase 3: Quotation Automation and Regulatory Integration – The final development phase before launch involved automating the quotation process and integrating a comprehensive database of international building codes. This allowed for the generation of detailed cost estimates and facilitated the creation of project proposals.
  • Phase 4: Full-Featured Product Launch – The culmination of all prior phases, this phase saw the launch of the complete AI Floor Generation & Interior Design Software. This comprehensive AI tool offered a user-friendly interface, a vast database of materials and regulations, full customization options, and robust quotation tools.


This AI interior design software offers significant value for the design firm:

  • Increased Efficiency: As per customer’s recent analysis, the AI-powered system automated repetitive tasks in design processes by up to 27%, freeing up designers’ time for higher-level creative work. That lead to a significant reduction in project turnaround times.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: By minimizing human error in design and quotations, the system improved the overall accuracy of projects.
  • Improved Client Experience: The interactive 3D model feature with real-time feedback allowed the users to actively participate in the design process, fostered more collaborative and satisfying experience.
  • Global Applicability: Built-in regulatory compliance empowered the design firm to expand their services internationally, opened up new markets and revenue streams.
  • Reduced Costs: By streamlining the design process with the system saved time and resources, lead to cost savings of up to 18% for the design firm.
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