NLP Solutions for Project Management Software Company - Case Study

Natural Language-based Assistance for a Leading Project Management Software Provider

ThirdEye Data successfully implemented a Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution for a leading project management software provider. The solution addressed the customer’s need for an advanced software help system, enhancing user experience and improving access to critical information.



The customer sought to improve user access to information and streamline the learning curve for their software. Their goals included:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Providing an intuitive and user-friendly way to access software help functionalities.
  • Improved Knowledge Accessibility: Making critical project management information readily available for users at all levels.
  • Reduced Support Burden: Minimizing the reliance on traditional support channels by offering self-service options.


ThirdEye proposed a phased approach, focusing on developing an Advanced Software Help System (Stage 1a) in the initial phase. This system leveraged ThirdEye’s Optira platform, a powerful NLP solution. Optira offered the following functionalities:

  • Data Ingestion and Analysis: Processing the customer’s existing documentation and help text to understand the specific language and context.
  • Model Training: Creating an NLP model trained on the ingested data, enabling the system to answer user queries accurately.
  • Customization: Tailoring the system to accept additional user prompts, expanding its capabilities beyond the initial dataset.
  • Dynamic Updates: Implementing mechanisms to automatically update the model with any changes or additions to the customer’s documentation.

The customer was presented with a “Build vs. Buy” option. They could choose to:

  • Build: Develop a custom solution from scratch, retaining full ownership but incurring longer development time and higher costs.
  • Buy (License): License a pre-built solution from ThirdEye, customized to their specific needs. This offered a faster deployment time and reduced costs.

The customer opted for the licensing option, allowing ThirdEye to customize Optira to their specific requirements.


The implemented solution provided the Provider with a significant return on investment:

  • Improved User Self-Service:Users could access relevant information directly through the software, reducing reliance on support channels.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Accessibility:Critical project management information was readily available, empowering users at all levels.
  • Streamlined Learning Curve:New users could easily find answers to their questions, accelerating their software adoption.
  • Reduced Support Costs:By deflecting basic user queries, the solution lowered the burden on the Provider’s support team.
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