Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are happy to answer all your queries. From common business asks to technology specific queries, our experts are on their feet to give detailed, informative and data oriented answers. To improve the browse experience, we have categorized all the received queries.

Our FAQ section is dynamic, we update the questions and answers time to time. Still, if you can not find your answer from the list, please free to contact us.


ThirdEye’s resources are based in the USA and India. We have been in this business for more than 12 years now and have developed an extensive network of qualified professionals. We hire the best professionals out of our network. Every professional is vetted, qualified and comes with references. You can talk with them over Zoom before you engage them.

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Yes, ThirdEye developers have been trained in secure coding techniques.

ThirdEye takes pride in the number of data sciences projects that we have executed for customers worldwide. We have references of stakeholders for each of these projects. We can share their contact information with you upon request.

Please click on this link to the deck that showcases our reference Data Science projects.

We started our life in 2011 as a Big Data Engineering company implementing AsterData, Vertica, and Hadoop clusters. Over the years we have implemented many data engineering projects for Fortune 100 customers as well as Bay area startups.

Please click on this link to the deck that showcases our reference Data Engineering projects.

As various cloud platforms mature across the industry, we are seeing that most of our Data Sciences and/or Data Engineering projects are being implemented on the clouds. Cloud platforms have become our default implementation platforms.  We also have extensive experience in implementing on-premise solutions for large enterprises.

Please click on this link to the deck that showcases our reference Cloud Development projects.

To date, more than 60% of the new engagements are from existing and/or customer references. For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we work very hard to gain their confidence. In fact, Clutch conducted an independent review of our services by speaking directly with our references. We were rated a top AI & Big Data company as a result of the glowing reviews that we received.

They have made their findings generally available here.

We started life implementing solutions on the Amazon AWS cloud. Over time, we have implemented solutions on all the major cloud platforms. As of now, we have extensive experience of working on the Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS & Google Cloud (in that order).

We are a silver partner of Microsoft and given the number of Azure cloud implementations that we did last year, we are in the process of converting to a gold partner!

We started life in 2011 working on commercial Big Data technologies like AsterData (acquired by Teradata) and Vertica (acquired by Hewlett Packard). Over time, we started implementing solutions leveraging open-source technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Click here to see a complete list of the technologies that we work with.

We have been fortunate enough to have worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as a host of Bay Area startups. Click here to see the list of our current customers.

It depends! The pricing depends on many factors like the kind of projects you would like to implement or the types of skilled resources you would like to engage with. Plus there are other factors like time of engagement, strategic reasons, new client relationships etc. That’s why we suggest that you talk to us by clicking on this link here.

Talk to us. We will understand your needs and craft you the best deal.

We get it! The only thing constant in life is change! So, let’s say, you started with us on an on-demand engagement model but soon realize that you need more of our help in realizing your business goals. You can easily switch your model to the monthly retainer one or anything else of your choice.

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The Retainer model has a minimum of a 1-month retainer and the Projects engagement model needs a contract for the tenure of the project. But the Per-paid and On-Demand engagement models have no such needs. You can use our services as much (or as less) as your needs may be at that specific time.

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We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. And satisfaction is not achieved overnight. We have worked hard over the years providing extensive and reliable customer service to our customers to achieve their satisfaction.

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From cybercriminals to human error, there are dozens of forces that could compromise clients’ data. That’t why we maintain strict Privacy Breach Protocol and Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Over the years, we have worked with 70+ companies, and we have successfully maintained data security for all.

Yes. The Privacy Breach Protocol is documented here.

Yes, ThirdEye complies with PIPEDA or provincial equivalents where established.

Yes, ThirdEye complies with the GDPR.

Access will be granted to employees who are working on developing the contracted solution for the duration of the development period.