Keep the Lights on!

Flexible Engagement Models

ThirdEye Data's Flexible Engagement Models enable businesses to keep the lights on their Data & AI projects during downturns, off-peak times, extended holidays, and whatever else life may throw at them!

These engagement models have simple terms; the charges are reasonable and minimal, and they don't have any unnecessary complexities.

No long-term commitments, no lengthy contracts, no fuss!

Keep the momentum of your Data & AI Projects!​


What We Offer

ThirdEye Data is offering end-to-end Data & AI services with flexible engagement models. Enjoy the holiday without worrying about your project budget and time.

  • AI Implementations

    Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies, ThirdEye implements AI solutions that can scale as per business needs while keeping a strict eye on the ROI.

  • Generative AI Applications

    Harnessing the transformative powers of Generative AI technologies, ThirdEye develops innovative real-world applications modeled to stringent business needs.

  • Data Engineering

    Understanding that all AI & BI implementations need a firm data platform underneath, ThirdEye performs detailed data engineering activities to ensure the data is ready for analytics.