SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Aug. 23, 2018— Hortonworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading provider of global data management solutions, today announced it is delivering innovations that enable customers to get operational and streaming insights into data generated at the edge by enterprises. Performance improvements accelerate time to value, enabling businesses to capitalize on real-time market changes and customer sentiments. In addition, operational enhancements allow for clearer insights about data streams, making operations, DevOps and developers more productive.

According to Forrester, “Connected solutions enable businesses to optimize processes, enhance offerings and transform their own business models. They generate streams of valuable customer and operational data. While business leaders salivate over the potential of harnessing these insights, infrastructure and operations pros struggle to deliver because of immature, unfamiliar management offerings.”[1] Hortonworks is easing the path for customers to capture, manage and secure valuable data at the edge by simplifying operations of its data-in-motion solutions.

“As more organizations embrace streaming architectures, they are also devising more ambitious objectives and sophisticated approaches to maximizing the utility of that data and leveraging the insights provided,” said Jamie Engesser, vice president of product management at Hortonworks. “Organizations have been struggling to manage multiple Kafka clusters. The reason is that existing tools are limited in offering control and visibility into these clusters or the data flows, and operations management has become more difficult as a result. These new offerings improve ease of use and time to value by boosting developer productivity while also expanding enterprise interoperability.”

Introducing Streams Messaging Manager for End-to-End Visibility of Apache Kafka

Hortonworks has launched Streams Messaging Manager (SMM), a new open-source operations monitoring and management tool that provides end-to-end visibility in enterprise Kafka environments. It allows operations, DevOps/developers, and security/governance teams to gain clear insights about their Kafka clusters and understand the end-to-end flow of message streams from producers to topics to consumers.

Streams Messaging Manager also allows users to visually:

  • Troubleshoot their Kafka environment to identify bottlenecks, throughputs, consumer patterns, traffic flow, etc.
  • Analyze the stream dynamics between producers and consumers by using various filters.
  • Optimize their Kafka environment based on key performance insights gathered from various brokers and topics.
  • Gain complete data lineage across multiple Kafka topics, producers and consumers with powerful data flow visualization tightly integrated with Atlas.

Streams Messaging Manager is now available to customers through Hortonworks DataPlane Platform. This enables a single instance of SMM to manage multiple Kafka clusters and also allows for a hybrid cloud deployment model. For more information about Streams Messaging Manager, please visit

Hortonworks DataFlow 3.2 Improves Performance and Operational Simplicity for Data-in-Motion in Hybrid Environments

The new release of HDF version 3.2 simplifies operations, delivers stronger integration and interoperability between HDF and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) 3.0 and significantly increases performance for data-in-motion in hybrid environments. Core improvements enhance HDF performance while delivering a single open-source platform that integrates governance, security and management across the entire data lifecycle from the edge to analytics to real-time decisions. HDF 3.2 delivers the following for customers:

  • Enhanced platform resiliency to help ensure smooth operations on large clusters and flows.
  • More granular control in a multi-tenant environment by utilizing Kerberos keytab isolation.
  • Increased performance for streaming to HDP via support for Apache Hive 3.0.
  • Consistent management for HDF and HDP using the same operations, security and data governance instances.

HDF 3.2 is now available for customers. Read more about the new features by visiting

Source: Hortonworks Delivers Improved Operational Insights to Simplify Streaming Architectures

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