Developing end-to-end Solutions, Custom Applications, POCs, and Demos using the latest Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services & Machine Learning technologies.

  • Azure OpenAI Chatbot for Enterprise Data using RAG, Semantic Kernel, and LangChain 
  • Social Media Campaign Generation – using AOAI, Dall-E 2,Florence 
  • Contact Center Analytics – Recommendation, Summarization, Voice Synthesis (using CNV)    
  • Vector Search & AI Assistant with AOAI, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Search
  • Microsoft Fabric with LLM Prompt Flow in Azure ML
  • Worked on 35+ end-to-end Power BI projects, 
    developing 300+ dashboards & reports.
  • Hands on experience in Power BI Desktop, Power
    BI Service, Embedded Power BI.
  • Hands on experience on Power BI Rest APIs.
  • Handle Power BI datasets from .NET applications.
  • Understanding of all advanced features of Power BI Desktop that helps BI professionals manage datasets and perform operations on data fields.
  • Access data from Microsoft data sources in Power BI like SQL DB, SQL DW, Azure Data Lake, Azure Storage Account etc.
  • Access data from non Microsoft technologies like Salesforce, Hadoop clusters, Apache Spark clusters etc. 

After the user logs in, the default landing page is the PowerBI dashboard which shows:

  1. History Analysis,
  2. Real-time Analysis and 
  3. Predictive Analysis of the Donor and Surgical Evaluations.

The Power BI dashboards shows insights from various data sources including SharePoint, Azure Analysis Services, and real-time tweets data.

  • Developed an end-to-end analytical & predictive solution that enhances Customer Experience using Omni-Channel presence with Microsoft Azure.
  • The solution connects the in-store and online experiences of the customers and highlights the difference between a Connected Consumer and a Traditional Shopper.
  • Provides dynamic recommendations and a 360-degree cyclic data exchange.

Zero-touch purchasing experiences with reliable and secure transaction authorization using Face Recognition.

Connected Retail Architecture

connected retail architecture

Technologies Used

Cognitive Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, R Server, HDInsight Spark, DocumentDB, Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Polybase, Xamarin App, PowerBI

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  • Developed an analytical & predictive solution that leverages internal, external and open data to help in their mission of helping young people transform their lives.
  • Advanced machine learning principles were applied to predict drop-out rates and develop best case scenarios for helping convicted individuals start contributing to society.

Technologies Used: Windows Azure, Azure EventHub, HDInsights, Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage, PowerBI, HDFS.

  • Developed a PowerApp based interactive application that helps non-technical personnel manage & scale a modern data warehouse quickly & cost-effectively.
  • With a click of a button in a PowerApp:
    • Create & Load a Data Warehouse with static data.
    • Ingest Real-Time data.
    • Scale the Data Warehouse to meet changing data needs.
    • Display estimated costs for the new setup.

Technologies Used: Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Web API, Azure Storage, PowerApp.