Southern California Edison

Image Quality Detection Platform

  • Build end-to-end platform that picks up third-party provided images of electric poles to detect the quality of the image for further downstream consumptions. 
  • Various AI models are applied to detect various aspects:
    • Structure Detection
    • Tags Deciphering
    • Occlusion
    • Blurriness
    • Angle detection
  • Once the quality of the images are determined to be adequate, channel these images for anomaly detection and other downstream analytics.
  • Added functionality to detect & decipher tags on these electric poles
  • Various AI models were developed to recognize the backgrounds of the tags and then decipher vertically written alphanumeric characters.
  • Developed master pipeline that 
    • processes all images, 
    • branches to appropriate data pipelines based on the types of objects detected in the image
    • invokes appropriate AI models on the image
    • persists all outcomes into appropriate folders for validations by humans.

Technologies Used: TensorFlow, Google Vertex AIGoogle AI PlatformGoogle Kubernetes ServicesAzure Data Factory, Azure Function Apps, CosmosDB