Qlik (formerly Attunity) Replicate

Qlik (formerly Attunity) is a multi-competency AWS ISV Partner. We accelerate cloud analytics with the only end to end data integration and analytics solution for AWS, taking you from raw data to informed action. With Qlik, you can automate continuous delivery of real-time analytics-ready data into AWS Data Warehouses or Data Lakes, and make it easily accessible through a governed catalog. Our modern data analytics platform empowers users at any skill level to freely explore all your data and uncover hidden insights.


  • Enterprise-class change data capture technology: Advanced change data technology (CDC) addressing transactional, streaming and batch architectures
  • Zero-footprint architecture: Reduces impact on IT operations with log-based capture and delivery of transaction data that does not require Qlik Replicate to be installed on each source and target database
  • Cloud-optimized: Accelerated performance, secured, and guaranteed delivery of data.

The Qlik Data Integration Platform (formerly Attunity) efficiently delivers large volumes of real-time, analytics-ready data into the AWS platform. There is no need for manual ETL scripting with fully automated raw to analytics-ready data pipelines for RDS, S3, Kinesis, EMR, Redshift as well as Snowflake and Databricks running on AWS.

Continuous data ingestion and migration.

Qlik’s fully automated change data capture (CDC) enables continuous, real-time data ingestion with an agentless and log-based approach, your data is always current without impacting source systems.

Real-time change data capture with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate moves data in real-time from source to target, all managed through a simple graphical interface that completely automates end-to-end replication. With streamlined and agentless configuration, data engineers can easily set up, control, and monitor data pipelines based on the leading change data capture (CDC) technology.

Information Source – https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-nvvkm6lsly6i4