Watson Suite Services

Watson is AI from IBM. Created to form your business more intelligent and every worker your best worker. Watson features a range of advanced APIs, specialized tooling, and Software as a Service application. This implies that Watson is made for complex use cases and designed to integrate with platforms that experts utilize in their daily work. Ensuring seamless access to the knowledge you would like to form the right decisions. 

IBM Watson Services

  1. Watson Studio allows you to train, deploy, and manage your AI models, and prepare and analyze information during a single integrated environment.
  2. Watson Knowledge Catalog drives collaboration and transforms information and AI into a trusted enterprise resource through dynamic data policies and requirements.
  3. Watson Assistant helps you construct chatbots and virtual assistants for a spread of channels including mobile devices, messaging platforms, and even robots.
  4. Watson Discovery unlocks hidden value in information to get answers, monitor trends, and repair patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.
  5. Watson IoT Platform helps to make and maintain a really efficient IoT infrastructure.
  6. Watson Speech to Text (STT) helps convert audio/speech to text.
  7. Watson Text to Speech (TTS) helps convert text to audio/speech.
  8. Watson Language Translator helps translate between different languages.
  9. Watson language Classifier helps you classify the natural languages getting used.
  10. Watson’s language Understanding helps you understand natural languages.
  11. Watson Visual Recognition allows you to rapidly and precisely tag, classify, and train visual content using machine learning.
  12. Watson Tone Analyzer helps you analyze the tone of sound provide whether the person is angry, happy, or whether the music is pleasant or not.
  13. Watson Personality Insights helps you gain insight into personality traits.
  14. Data Refinery provides you with how to show Watson the language of your domain, with custom models that identify entities and relationships unique to your industry.
  15. Watson Machine Learning empowers you to utilize your own data to make, train, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models.
  16. Deep Learning helps you build deep learning models.
  17. Watson Compare and Comply streamlines contract workflows to save lots of time and improve precision and disentangle contract governance.

Advantages Of Using IBM Watson

  1. Watson gives you complete control of what is important to you and therefore the foundation of your competitive advantage, your data, models, learning, and API.
  2. Watson learns more from less because of its high learning power.
  3. Watson was initially available only on IBM Cloud but is now portable across any cloud-powered business. This prevents customers from being locked into one vendor and enables them to start out deploying AI wherever their data resides.
  4. With Watson, you’ll discover new trends and insights. Predict the potential future outcomes.

Disadvantages of using IBM Watson

  1. IBM Watson is only available in English. Thus, it limits the areas of use.
  2. It does not process structured data directly.
  3. With the increase in the volume of data, there are still limited resources in place to cater to the needs.
  4. Maintenance is a big question in the case of IBM Watson technology.

Barriers To Adoption Of IBM Watson

  1. High Switching Cost.
  2. It takes time and effort to integrate IBM Watson and its services into a company.
  3. IBM Watson is targeted towards bigger organizations that can afford Watson.

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