Engage and Get Your Data & AI Projects Done!

Flexible Engagement Models enable businesses to engage with Data & AI professionals on their own terms!

It doesn't matter what's the state of the nation's economy; nor does it matter how limited are your internal budgets - as long as you have the will to execute on the plans for your Data & AI projects, we will find a way to deliver as per your plans.


With our Flexible Engagement Models, we don't ask for long-term commitments, nor do we have lengthy contracts to execute! It's all clean, upfront pricing, and a no-nonsense delivery approach.

Data & AI Services Performed

Artificial Intelligence

AI ML Services

Leveraging the latest technologies in AI ML, our team of Data Scientists enable businesses to churn through petabytes of data to transform information into knowledge resulting in higher revenue generation.

Data Pipelines

Data Engineering Services

Our Data Engineers work closely with our customers to implement Big Data infrastructures that leverage and extend their current or build new IT infrastructure with the lowest possible TCO.

microsoft azure

Cloud Services

Taking a technology & vendor agnostic perspective, we provide Cloud Managed Services on Azure, GCP and AWS platforms which ensure fully cloud hosted end-to-end solutions.

Select Any Flexible Engagement Model that Works for You!


Select Any Model

  • Engagement

  • Types of Resources

  • AI ML Services
  • Data Engineering Services
  • Cloud Engineering Services



  • Buy Pre-Paid Consulting Hours
  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Cloud Engineers
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • Yes



  • Engage As & When Needed

  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Cloud Engineers
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • Yes

Best Value!


Deploy on Projects

  • Engage for the Whole Project
  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Cloud Engineers
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • Yes

Fast & Cost Effective Solution for Your Data & AI Project

FEM has been a game changer for various industries to cope-up with the post-pandemic scenarios. It is like a resource buffet where you can pick your team or individual engineer as per requirement without any hidden or additional cost.


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