Influx DB is an open source time series database written in Go language which is developed by InfluxData. It is optimized for high-availability retrieval of data,faster and storage of time series data in fields such as operations monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics.

InfluxDB is a high performance Time Series Database which can store data ranging from hundreds of thousands of points per second. The InfluxDB is a SQL-kind of query language which was built specifically for time series data.

Why use InfluxDB?

  • Faster time
  • Deep insights and analytics
  • Efficient in developer productivity- InfluxDB is — storage,ingest, query, and visualization — which is now accessible via unified API.
  • UI dashboards to view the data like Grafana,Chronograf
  • Easy-to-build, easy-to-share templates- through influxDb templates

Examples where Influxdb can be used

  • System Monitoring like disk ops.
  • Collection of IoT data.
  • Heart rate data
  • Logging
  • Tracing (what took more time among components)

Influx DB Concepts-

Tools for interacting with Influx DB:-

  •  Influx Command line interface(CLI)
  • Graph and Dashboard
  • Influx DB inch tool- for testing Influx Db performance
  • Influxd commands — executes all necessary processes for InfluxDB to function
  • InfluxDb API client libraries

Eg- influxdb-client-csharp, influxdb-javascript,influxdb-client-java

How to download Influx DB

Influx DB can be downloaded at –

Download version v1.8.3 as the latest version with Docker image.This version does not contain Windows installation url

Unzipping the file gives a folder which contains the following items:

One of which is influx.exe the influxdb client connecting to the localhost:port-no. It is the shell through which developer can interact with the InfluxDB to get the desired results.

Influxd.exe loads the database which contains all the necessary packages and files to run and execute the queries.

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