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Google Cloud Platform Consulting Services: Put Google Cloud Platform to Work for Your Enterprise

The platform you select for building your enterprise and hosting its data has profound implications for your Big Data Analytics solutions’ usability and flexibility. There’s no better cloud platform for businesses than the Google Cloud Platform. ThirdEye puts this platform’s large-scale computing, app development, big data storage and analytics solutions within easy reach at a competitive cost.

Google Cloud Platform’s no-ops, no-infrastructure-to-manage approach frees you from server and network overheads, so you can grow without worrying about capacity or performance. It offers more network bandwidth than its competitors and complete homogeneous stack for business needs. Its virtual machine nodes provide the best computational performance and have the fastest cluster spin-up and spin-down times.

Above all, Google Cloud Platform offers the power of the Google brand synonymous with technical superiority, reliability, and usability. Add to that its secure global infrastructure and powerful data capabilities and the question becomes not whether to use Google Cloud Platform but who to trust to leverage its technologies.

Enter ThirdEye.

End-to-end solutions on Google Cloud Platform

ThirdEye develops solutions on Google Cloud Platform that spans data ingestion and transformation, data pipelining, analysis, computations, and visualizations. Our certified, experienced architects and developers help enterprises achieve successful platform adoption. We understand open-source and commercial big data technologies and use this expertise to develop best-of-breed solutions. We deliver personal service, lasting value, and agility through our US and India teams.

Our Big Data consulting services benefit SaaS companies, CMOs or CTOs of data-driven companies, and firms in any market segment that can migrate to the cloud.

We meet the need to:

  • Analyze huge amounts of data, in batch and real time modes
  • Access and leverage a cloud infrastructure
  • Add context to make better decisions
  • Minimize business risk, complexity, and cost
  • Be first to market with solutions
  • Develop precisely tailored products and services

Choose ThirdEye to make the most of these Google Cloud services: Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Container Engine, and Cloud Pub/Sub.

BigQuery Consulting to Answer Big Data Analytics Questions

The Google Cloud Platform functionality with the most potential for business intelligence is BigQuery – Google’s fast, economical and fully managed data warehouse for large-scale data analytics, used by all types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Big data analytics empowers decision-makers to gain data-based insights and capitalize on high-value opportunities. It answers questions arising from web, mobile, or social media data; device/sensor data; customer or census data; accounting systems; POS or merchandising systems; location or weather data and any other such data sets.

With ThirdEye, you can say goodbye to data questions and hello to data answers.

Building a Data Warehouse using BigQuery

BigQuery allows you to query billions of rows of data from multiple sources with a response time in just seconds, which allows incredibly powerful queries. Yet to benefit from BigQuery, enterprises need a Google Cloud consulting firm with the knowhow to run all operations involved.

It takes technical expertise to develop queries in an optimized form and manner to get the right answers. Before data can be queried, it requires pre-processing – it has to be cleansed, transformed and set up in proper locations. After data is queried and results are obtained, enterprises may need to do further analysis, develop visualizations, or conduct data activities.

BigQuery needs Consulting Services from ThirdEye

ThirdEye unlocks BigQuery benefits for your enterprise. BigQuery’s no-ops mean there’s no need to maintain an IT team to run Big Data operations. Its massive computing power saves time accessing information and saves money since there’s no investment in hardware or software. Thanks to multiple layers of security, your data is protected and belongs to you.

Choosing ThirdEye to adopt BigQuery yields concrete benefits:

  • Analyze big data in-depth and over a long date range.
  • Organize data to deliver insights, increase lead-to-conversion rates, and enhance ROI.
  • Link your CRM data to your Google Analytics data for better campaign targeting.
  • Migrate systems or processes to the cloud with optimizations over time, cost and functionalities.
  • Optimize integrations done with Google’s open APIs to load, transform, and/or visualize data.
  • Tune performance of queries run on BigQuery.

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Innovative Big Data Application Optimizes Lead Conversions, built on the Google Cloud Platform

Using AbsolutData‘s “Decision Engineering” model, along with the power and flexibility of the Google Cloud platform, ThirdEye Data developed the NAVIK Converter application which allows enterprises to increase their lead-to-conversion rate and enhance their return on investment in Big Data.
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Case Study

Using Machine Learning for Optimizing Lead Conversions

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