ThirdEye Data enables enterprises to improve operational efficiencies, increase production accuracies, and make informed business decisions by leveraging Data & AI technologies.

Core Working Areas

AI ML Solutions

Data Sciences and Enterprise AI Solutions

ThirdEye implements end-to-end Data & AI services & solutions with Data Science technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning seamlessly baked-in.

Data Engineering

Informed Decision Making with Data Engineering

ThirdEye’s Data Engineering Services transform organizational knowledge into insights for more informed and timely business decisions with the best possible TCO.

OpenAI Applications

Generative AI-Powered Enterprise Applications

ThirdEye builds custom applications for enterprises by leveraging cutting-edge generative AI technologies to address real-world industry problems and meeting business goals.

Our Data & AI Success Stories

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Clutch 5 Star Rating

ThirdEye Data has a 4.6 stars rating from 21 reviews!!
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Southern California Edison

“They brought in their best to support us.”

Kumar Mankala
Advisor of AI/ML Program & Products, SCE


“They were a pleasure to work with.”

Matt Singer
Chief Executive Officer, EcoTrak

“Their project management were top-notch.”

Head of R&D, Glas Trösch Group

“The people cared about the project as much as we did.”

Director of Technology, Brave Thinking Institute

Customers We Work For

British Petroleum

Data & AI Products

Safera - Crime Analytics & Predictions

Safera is a Crime Analytics & Predictions Platform on which Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies can rely to detect, analyze and predict crime.

Optira - Intelligent Document Processing & Data Extraction

Optira is a Gen AI-powered advanced document processing and data management solution. It streamlines document tasks, extract data, and summarize documents.

Technologies We Play With

Awards & Recognitions

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top ai company 2023
top big data company 2023
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ThirdEye Data

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ThirdEye delivers Data and AI services & solutions for enterprises worldwide by
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