Brave Thinking Institute

Data Lake – Design & Setup

BTI in its 20+ years of existence, has multiple sources of data for all its customers around the world, internal sales and marketing applications and ERP systems that it uses for its daily operations. Data diversity is very high.

ThirdEye started off the project with detailed due diligence phase where it analyzed all its systems, spoke with all business stakeholders, and had in-depth technical conversations.

ThirdEye came back with a detailed report with specific plans that could be implemented to meet their business goals.

ThirdEye developed the Data Lake on Amazon AWS, ingested data from 200+ sources, of various veracity, volume and type. 

The data pipelines developed handled all types of transformations, correlations and cleansing as needed.

Technologies Used: Amazon AWS, , Amazon S3Amazon RedshiftAmazon GlueAmazon KinesisAmazon Lambda FunctionsPython