Child Rescue Coalition

Data Platform Enhancements

Child Rescue Coalition is a nonprofit that enables law enforcement to track, arrest & prosecute child predators. Over 12000 arrests, 2500 child rescues have been made in 90+ countries using CRC’s technology.

CRC was looking to modernize its data platform with state-of-the-art system architecture leveraging latest technologies and updating existing processes.

ThirdEye conducted an exhaustive evaluation and performed follow-on implementations.

After the initial discovery phase, ThirdEye performed the following PoCs:

  1. Data transfer, storage, analysis and reporting using GCP services
  2. API Monetization, User Registration, Text Search
  3. Kafka Stream-based Pre-processing and Streaming Analytics

Based on the findings of the PoCs, ThirdEye developed the complete data platform leveraging new technologies and based on a MicroServices architecture.

Technologies Used: Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, SingleStore , Python, Dockers & Kubernetes, Google Cloud