Data Platform + Daily Ops

Ecotrak’s Facility Management Software is designed to help businesses save time and money while providing real-time, actionable data, with insights and predictions.

ThirdEye started off the project with detailed due diligence phase where it analyzed all its systems, spoke with all business stakeholders, and had in-depth technical conversations.

ThirdEye came back with a detailed report with specific plans that could be implemented to meet their business goals.

ThirdEye worked on:

  • Cleaning up their existing AWS based data platform
  • Adding more AWS Glue jobs
  • Implementing ETL pipelines for various data sources
  • Building the semantic layer
  • Building operational dashboards

ThirdEye also helped them operate and manage their daily operations so that Ecotrak could run their business optimally.

  • Performed every day requests for supporting their current customers
  • Generated reports as and when required
  • Increased the overall data quality 
  • Optimized the database architecture, schema and queries.
  • Optimized AWS Glue jobs for performance

Technologies Used: Amazon AWSAmazon S3Amazon RedshiftAmazon GlueAmazon Lambda FunctionsPython