Sales Optimization Is A Game Of AI

Any product based company generates huge amount transnational data over time. These days it’s became a huge challenge for each company how to properly utilize those data and get most accurate insights from it.


The customer is product based company located in Latin America. This company builds several analytical product for different sectors.


The business statements of the customer as follows:

  • Optimize sales and find insights from huge amount of data.
  • Forecasting the demand of different products that needed based on pattern, seasonality.
  • Build dashboards.
  • Automation of manual processes.


ThirdEye built product recommendation engine by analyzing huge amount of data. The uniqueness about this solution is to build product score with respects to different parameters which change over time intraday with respect to different parameters.

Example: If Brazil won a soccer match then the product scores of the poster soccer players of Brazil will went up for next 4 hours.

The process steps were as follows:

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Loading into RDBMS
  • Build a recommendation process using Machine Learning.
  • Automation of ETL jobs using Apache Airflow.
  • Build dashboards and graphs using open source technology.

Technologies Incorporated:

  • MySQL/Postgres – RDBMS
  • Python – Machine Learning
  • Apache Airflow – Data Pipeline
  • Shell Script – Data Processing
  • HighCharts – Data Visualization Tool


Most of the sellers these day lacks proper education and those people live based on the sales commissions. They don’t have idea how to optimize sales and what could one customer can ask. The objective of this project was to contribute towards their lives by providing them the necessary information about products which are recommended by AI based solution and they got a better result.

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