Smart Farming with IoT (Internet of Things)

Economies around the world are agriculture based but as countries become more urbanized, it puts a serious pressure on the rural agricultural communities. Soon there simply won’t be enough people to monitor farm lands round the clock as they move on to the higher value and hence higher paying jobs.

But still farming is essential to feed billions of people around the world. Lack of knowledge on ideal temperature, ideal moisture level, ideal irrigation water volume for optimal production is a serious concern.


A multinational financial services client headquartered in Washington DC funds social development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean’s by providing financial and technical support. The Bank’s core focus area involves overcoming challenges of social inclusion and equality, productivity and innovation and economic integration. The goal is to address issues such as gender equality and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability; and institutional capacity and the rule of laws.


Several crops need different amount of water, soil moisture to grow. The customer wanted to optimize farms output, as well as wanted to use irrigation system effectively.


ThirdEye proposed an IoT based solution developed on IBM Watson Internet Of Things (IoT) platform. Watson IoT Platform provides real time data extraction from different sensor, automation of events and alerts to ensure optimal output from farm land. Soil Moisture sensor is used to monitor farm’s moisture level in real time. The moment it falls below a predefined level it automatically triggers an event and start the irrigator and continue till the moisture level reaches at the predefined level (which is usually the ideal moisture level for that crop).

Also at the same time ThirdEye helped the customer to estimate/forecast the amount of water that will be required to grow a certain crop.

The process steps were as follows:

  • Setup sensors
  • Connect the IoT platform
  • Define the rules to generate alerts
  • Define the response task corresponding to each alert
  • Show data in real time dashboard
  • Predict required water volume for the irrigation and cost associate with it

Technologies Incorporated:

  • IBM Watson IoT – IoT plaform to connect sensors.
  • DashDB for Analytics – RDBMS
  • Weather and Company Data – A service in IBM Bluemix platform which predicts weather
  • Node-Red Boilerplate Application – A service in IBM Bluemix platform to pull the events from IoT and load into RDBMS
  • Python Flask – To build APIs


Our objective of this project was a good cause of this planet which includes reduction of irrigation water usage, better crop production, improvement of farmers live etc. We showcased how we can transform the world by using cutting edge technologies towards a good cause.

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