Innovation continues to flow from Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions, which just announced the release of its powerful Safera crime analysis and prediction system. Billed as a solution for “ushering in a Safe Era for Businesses and Communities”, the system harnesses powerful predictive analytical tools to help combat crime. Safera has quickly become a vital resource for public safety officials, law enforcement agencies, and corporate users to detect and predict suspicious activities, crime, or fraud before it happens. “Our secure system architecture gives Safera tremendous power and utility,” says Dj Das, CEO and founder of the consulting firm that is based in Santa Clara, California. “It is based on Big Data technologies and is both customizable and future-proof for the needs of end users.” To learn more about Safera and its features, visit

Safera is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which itself is renowned for its robustness and scalable features. The system analyzes both static datasets as well as real-time streaming, giving users the ability to mine data efficiently. First, Safera collects data from several sources, including the U.S. Census and Open Data sites provided by federal and state governments as well as by law enforcement organizations. Azure’s back-end processing on the data creates prediction models. Results are displayed on user-friendly dashboards and can include video and image data along with police systems data analytics. The initial predictive model is continually updated and refined, giving law enforcement groups a powerful glimpse into the types of crimes that may be committed in a specific area or across a wider geographical region. “By analyzing and predicting suspicious activity, Safera can help governments speed deployment of police and emergency services personnel,” adds Das. “By improving efficiency, police and corporate Safera users can do more with less.”

Since 2010, Third Eye CSS has become a world leader in Big Data and Cloud-based software solutions. Their predictive analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) software packages have revolutionized the way companies and government officials use data across the globe. The firm’s ability to customize data solutions for clients has helped them earn a reputation for excellence and technical expertise. For more information on the company, its products, and its many data-centric consulting solutions, visit


With many decades of high-level experience in the IT field, Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions, LLC, is a global leader in Big Data and Cloud technologies. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California and founded in 2010, the company has quickly emerged as an innovator and industry leader with solutions backed by quality, client care, and a results-driven business model. Data science-centric services, analytics, and consulting are some of the many additional services the company can provide to its clients.

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