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ThirdEye answers your data questions and offers actionable insights, real-world experiences and strategic recommendations.
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Local Touch, Global Reach

ThirdEye has a committed team of professionals with over 200 years of collective experiences among themselves which ensures value delivery through comprehensive IT solutions.

Our global operations aim to give our customers the best of international best practice but with a local touch. All achieved through our extensive operations in the United States and India, which are carried out by business‐savvy technology professionals. As a global leader, we combine our international expertise with the agility of local collaboration, giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Delivering value to our clients is our core business.

Mutual Success Based On Results

At ThirdEye, we do more than just innovate. We take innovation beyond technology. To fully deliver on your business mandates, ThirdEye provides a comprehensive range of Big Data solutions that offer value for your investment.

We go above and beyond delivery and stand by our solutions until you are fully satisfied. With a proven track record of quality service delivery, we know what it takes to get the job done. A top-­‐tier workforce backs our collaborative approach with years of experience. Trust us to deliver your mandates every time, on time, and in the budget, and you won’t regret it. We are a preferred partner for firms across the globe, offering deep subject matter expertise and project transparency. When you work with us, our chief commitment to you is to provide superior IT solutions.

Quality Is No Accident

At ThirdEye, quality is no accident. Our business model is built around delivering the utmost quality for our clients. We focus on integrated operations, credentialed professionals, and synergistic, results-­‐driven business. Our global flexibility gives us leverage to execute the best solutions unique to your needs. Our expertise in cutting­‐edge industry practices and our committed project teams are always ready to tackle the most challenging IT tasks, regardless of scope, budget, or timeline.

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