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ThirdEye answers your data questions and offers actionable insights, real-world experiences and strategic recommendations.
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Big Data Drives Growth

Your growth seeds are planted in your Big Data, but the path to cultivating them is crowded and cluttered. How to transform all that information into actionable knowledge that drives long-term value for your firm – that’s the ‘big elephant in the room’ problem ThirdEye was born to solve. As companies large and small strive to make the most of their Big Data, the need to derive meaning and maintain strategic agility is critical, and the questions quickly outnumber the answers.

You need to see what your data knows on the one hand, and to tie that knowledge to your specific business objectives on the other side. That’s the dual need ThirdEye’s tagline “Data answers” represents: the ability of data to provide answers, and the actual data answers we provide for your data questions. Your team’s time constraints or lack of specialized expertise are no longer an obstacle – we help you tap this resource to derive maximum business value.

As a Silicon Valley-based one-stop-shop for Data Engineering and Data Sciences, we offer insights, expertise, and recommendations. While you focus on your client and industry demands, we provide the Big Data piece-of-the-puzzle to take your business and team to the next level.

Get a Grip on Your Big Data

Call it knowledge currency, insight engine, or growthware, Big Data is multiplying faster than any business alone can handle. From big data sets to batch, real- time, and predictive analytics, we help you manage and process it all. Don’t let its sheer amount, speed, and variety stall or steer you off course – rather understand it to make better decisions and optimize processes. ThirdEye helps you create a Big Data roadmap for growing your bottom line. That’s why our nationwide clients across industries, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, trust us to realize their Big Data potential and growth objectives.

ThirdEye’s Value

Our Big Data consulting services help organizations transform knowledge into tactical insights for more informed, timelier business decisions. Our consultants bring extensive experience and industry-specific best practices for tackling virtually any BI challenge. Through Big Data Technologies, we solve your 3V data problems – Volume, Velocity, and Variety – but go beyond that to deliver the 4th V: ‘Value’. Further, our state-of-the-art Global Delivery centers in the US and India offer cost-effective access to leading IT resources essential for focused technical development and delivery.

Big Data Consultancy with a Difference

ThirdEye was born in 2010 and raised on Big Data, before Big Data was even a buzzword. It was founded to provide a new agile breed of Big Data consultancy that delivers the full spectrum of Big Data services & solutions at competitive rates leveraging a global workforce. Beyond meeting clients’ unique Big Data requirements, ThirdEye is an industry connector and accelerator that anticipates trends and spearheads innovation. It runs and operates the “Big Data Cloud” meetup group, a nonprofit organization for evangelizing around Big Data & Cloud technologies. The group has 4400+ members and conducts monthly meetups and annual events.

Corporate Brochure

ThirdEye’s Corporate Brochure showcases ThirdEye’s core competencies, service areas, and marquee customers.

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Case Study

ThirdEye’s client is a Fortune 500 company that produces flash drives and associated software for data storage. The client’s flagship product is a predictive analytics engine that delivers data insights by predicting and preventing issues across the entire infrastructure stack.

This Case Study discusses how this Flash Manufacturer’s Predictive Platform was extended to predict in real time while using 10x additional data points.

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