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Predictive Analytics Solutions

– Pre-Packaged Solution with Sample Data

Complete end-to-end Predictive Analytics Solutions on the Amazon AWS cloud based on Machine Learning (ML)  & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • This is an out-of-the-box, fully deployable predictive analytics solution that runs on Amazon AWS cloud that enables organizations to incorporate the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for mobile devices.
  • This predictive data analytics solution integrates multiple services (both AWS native and third-party ones) available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace.
  • It uses Machine Learning models for performing Predictive Analytics and has built-in analytical dashboards for visualizations.

Deploy the Predictive Analytics Solution Today!

The user scenario for this solution is a company that is expanding their on-premises system to the Amazon AWS cloud, adopting a ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” initiative.
The included detailed step-by-step setup instructions will help you deploy this complete end-to-end Predictive Data Analytics Solution on the Amazon AWS cloud. Instructions include how to deploy, configure, secure, and operate the solution on the Amazon AWS cloud.
The solution has fast data processing capability, scalability, reliability, and predictive analytics, with extensive support for mobile devices. The solution bundles Amazon AWS services and third-party products that are currently available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

You will accomplish the following goals:

  • Learn how to integrate multiple services (both AWS native and third-party ones) available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace.
  • Generate the required datasets and initiate the data pipeline.
  • Use a machine learning model for predictive analytics.
  • Create a predictive dashboard for visualization.
  • Use a mobile app to get notifications generated after the predictive analysis.

Download Setup Instructions Now for Free

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    1. The Predictive Analytic Solution and the included setup instructions are not meant for production use cases, but with additional customizations, it can be used for production use cases.
    2. The technologies used in this Solution can be replaced by other equivalent technologies as needed for business reasons.
    3. All data used in this Solution is machine generated and fictitious.
    4. For setting up this Solution, prior knowledge of the technologies used and familiarity with Amazon AWS cloud is recommended.
    5. For most of the components, the region US West (Oregon) was used, but it can be changed as per business requirements.

    ThirdEye developed this solution on a “Work-for-Hire” basis for Amazon AWS.
    The original solution hosted on the AWS Marketplace can be found here.

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