3 Artificial-Intelligence powered Open Source Software (OSS) solutions.
– ThirdEye’s own contribution to the OSS community.

By adding 3 new solutions to this global OSS community, which has proven to be crucial in the development of many of the vital technologies that ThirdEye uses internally today, ThirdEye promises to further accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

ThirdEye is committed to continuing to build, develop, and support these 3 OSS offerings, while also creating more such offerings in the near future. Part of this process will include monetizing these solutions, by providing enterprise-grade products on top of the OSS offered, consulting services, and training on how to run, repair and build on the solution itself.

Outlier Detection in Web Server Logs

Anomaly Detection in Web Server Logs

This solution allows companies to gain hidden insights into their websites that would otherwise require up to ten times the effort and significant costs, through this one-click deployable solution for Outlier Detection in webserver logs.

Outlier Detection using Apache Spark

Anomaly Detection using Apache Spark

This is an Apache Spark based outlier detection implementation for data quality, cyber security, fraud detection and other such business use cases. The Machine Learning algorithms with advanced analytics processes not only detect anomalies and outliers, but also predict upcoming possible anomalies in the future.

Predictive Analytics Solution

Predictive Analytics Solution

This is an out-of-the-box, fully deployable predictive analytics solution that enables organizations to incorporate the power of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for mobile devices.

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