• ThirdEye helped Apple migrate their Teradata based Data Warehouse to a Hadoop based one.
  • Components from Apple’s Teradata stack was chipped away and migrated to the new Hadoop stack.
  • The team comprised of 11 data engineers, lead by Aparajeeta Das and Pranab Ghosh.
  • Developed a Hadoop data warehouse on 500+ nodes cluster operating in an on-premise cloud.
  • Migrated Apple’s production services from Teradata to this Hadoop based DW.
  • Transformed, analyzed & migrated 500+ terabytes of data.
  • Responsible for operational performance tunings.

Technologies Used: Apache HadoopMapReduceHivePigHBaseSQLETL,Teradata.

  • Deployed end-to-end system infrastructure for iRadio EDW.
  • Delivered and managed iAd performance Metrics for Apple Business Units on Hadoop and Teradata platforms. 
  • Migrated iCloud and Game Centre end to end reporting applications from Teradata to Hadoop (300+ TB of data).
  • iAd Data Modeling – initiated from scratch and completed all levels of Models.
  • Fine-tuned several processes on Teradata or on Hadoop side as per business stakeholders need.
  • Setup Sandbox environment for data discovery for data scientists.
  • Benchmarked various products for suitability of various requirements for Apple internal consumption.
  • Setup infrastructure in fraud detection and management in Billing and other Apple iTunes data.

Note: Apple was an indirect customer as the contract was through Infosys.