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Healthcare Analytics Platform for Private Practicing Professionals

Developed and launched a comprehensive healthcare analytics platform designed to empower private practicing healthcare professionals with data-driven insights.

Order Management System for Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Developed a next-generation order management system for a leading oilfield equipment and services provider. The objective was to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer engagement.

Enhancing Sales Operations for a Fabric Manufacturing Company

Establishing a fully integrated AI system capable of making informed predictions to optimize inventory and sales strategies by integrating existing data sources and external data sources.

Extending Flash Manufacturer’s Predictive Platform

Extending Flash Manufacturer’s Predictive Platform to predict in real time while using 10x additional data points.

Real-Time Network Data Diagnostics for Fault Detection

Building a predictive model to find and resolve problem occurrences by analyzing data in real-time from a multitude of Base receiver stations (BTS), Radio Network controllers (RNC) and user equipment.

Optimizing Lead Conversion with ML - NAVIK Converter

Developed and Launched NAVIK Converter - helping enterprises achieve the maximum benefits from their Big Data and optimize lead conversions.