ThirdEye has been helping Houston based Tex-Isle Supply to embrace a data culture in the company by setting up and operationalizing a data lake, and educating employees on leveraging it for best business outcomes.

ThirdEye has finished the Phase 1 of the project and currently working on next phases that involve AI based  implementations around Inventory Management for price optimizations.

For Phase 1, ThirdEye worked on the following items:

  • Migrate all data sets, including ones in Network Drives to the new Data Lake based on Azure Blob Storage.
  • Migrate data from SQL Servers to the Data Lake.
  • Cleanse, prepare, enrich and transform data as needed for downstream consumption.
  • Implement data security structure and policies.
  • Define & implement data governance policies.

Technologies Used: Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob StorageAzure SQL ServerSQL Server (on premise), Power BI, SQL ScriptsPowerShell Scripts

  • Setup data lake that ingests 200+ data sources with varied data sources types and formats.
  • Setup data pipelines that ingests data in batch, real-time and incremental basis.
  • Developing ML models to deliver inventory optimization strategies that will inherently help the company’s bottom line.
  • Will develop a Predictive Maintenance to be used by the Manufacturing Division
  • Will develop a Sales Forecasting system that the sales and marketing team would be using.

Technologies Used: Azure CloudAzure MLAzure Data FactoryAzure SQL Data WarehouseSQL DBPowerBI