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Microsoft Azure as cloud platforms become the infrastructure of business, a flexible and scalable infrastructure technology is a prerequisite to support growth. Microsoft Azure Cloud – the global, trusted, hybrid platform for enterprises – provides the components you need to implement your Big Data solutions in the cloud. ThirdEye unlocks the benefits of Azure’s data science, data engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics services for your enterprise to enable unprecedented efficiencies and outcomes, so you can go from merely observing data answers to having data answer your most pressing business questions.

Microsoft Azure’s integrated cloud services with built-in automation reduce infrastructure cost and complexity while freeing you to reach new markets and focus on core competencies. Azure leverages Microsoft’s existing install base to seamlessly integrate with on-site products that IT departments already have come rely on for a couple of decades.

Most importantly, Azure offers the intelligence and commitment-to-enterprise of the Microsoft brand that stands for global usability, stability, and security. Azure technologies render companies more agile, responsive, and competitive so that each can realize its potential. Deploying Azure technologies requires a differentiated cloud-first strategy that supports your technology roadmap and suits your specific use cases. That’s what ThirdEye delivers.

ThirdEye’s Turnkey Enterprise Solutions on Microsoft Azure

ThirdEye does the ‘heavy lifting’ to integrate Microsoft Azure services into your IT big picture. Successful Azure platform adoption is easy through our certified, experienced architects and developers. Sectors from security to transport, energy, manufacturing, and retail consult ThirdEye to:

  1. Create competitive apps
  2. Reduce time-to-market
  3. Capitalize on analytics
  4. Improve sales channels
  5. Deepen customer loyalty

The Azure-based solutions that ThirdEye custom-develops span the below four areas.

Data Engineering

New forms of data sources and analytics have given rise to the data lake – a long-term data container that stores data in its natural format and facilitates its colocation in various schemata and structural forms. Data lakes are designed for more agility, scalability, and data source diversity than a traditional data warehouse. Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store and Data Lake Analytics power intelligent action:

  • Data Lake Store is the first cloud data lake built for enterprises with no limits on the size of data, enabling you to unlock maximum value from your unstructured, semi-structured and structured data.
  • Data Lake Analytics is the first on-demand cloud analytics service to develop and run massively parallel data transformation and processing programs in U-SQL, R, Python and .Net over petabytes of data.

ThirdEye facilitates the shift from resource-intensive generic data warehouses to highly automated, need-driven data lakes – ensuring maximum value through sound design rooted in best practices.

Data Sciences

Big Data holds big secrets – patterns that reveal how to solve a problem before it occurs. Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services hold a world of business innovation opportunities:

  • Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud service to build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions.
  • Cognitive Services allow you to build powerful intelligence into your applications to enable natural and contextual interactions based on algorithms for vision, speech, language and knowledge.

ThirdEye shows you how to put Azure’s data science services to work for your enterprise.

Internet of Things Technologies (IoT)

The Internet of Things – a network of interconnected objects able to collect and exchange data – is already becoming a major economic driver. ThirdEye offers, for any enterprise that handles real-time streaming data, a complete IoT solution – Eyera – that is powered by Azure IoT Hub:

  • IoT Hub connects, monitors and manages billions of IoT assets: It establishes reliable bi-directional communication, ingests real-time data and uploads files to the cloud.

Consult ThirdEye about how Eyera can solve your business challenges, as the solutions to business problems lie in data. “Data Answers”, not just as a noun, but as a verb.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Technologies

Analytics are your window into measurable performance and progress. The insights extracted from Microsoft Azure analytics services enable live action and immersive reporting:

  1. HDInsight is the only fully-managed cloud Hadoop offering that provides optimized open source analytic clusters for Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka, and R Server backed by a 99.9% SLA.
  2. Stream Analytics performs real-time analytics for your IoT solutions. It provides mission-critical reliability and performance with predictable results as well as real-time dashboards and alerts.
  3. Power BI Embedded brings data to life inside your app. Use it to author interactive data reports without writing code and ensure high-fidelity data visualization experiences on any device.

Data is what you make of it – analytics have become the competitive differentiator. At ThirdEye, we know that “Data Answers”, so we let the data tell the story. Gain analytics-driven acumen with ThirdEye’s Azure expertise to innovate, save and grow.

As a Microsoft vendor and trusted partner, ThirdEye works on the latest and greatest released on the Azure cloud even before it’s announced in the market. We bring a deep understanding of the Azure cloud with hands-on experience – a rare combination. Further, our clients choose us for our ultra-fast responsive service, obsessive attention to detail, and customer-first policy.

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