Merlin Cyber

Architected, designed & implemented the next generation CyberSecurity platform which tracks network data to analyze real time threats.
The System as developed:

  • Performs real time analytics using Artificial Intelligence technologies on petabytes of network data to continuously predict the next cyber threat.
  • Provides a persona based 360-degree view of the security aspects of the overall network.
  • Delivers a Deep Learning based Analytical and Cognitive engine.

Technologies Used: Apache SparkKafkaMongoDBDatastax CassandraDockerKubernetesCalicoPrometheusGrafanaHelm, IBM Cloud, ReactSpringboot MicroservicesNGINX

  • Developed from scratch a search engine for real time and domain specific text search to find out relevant information about the threats / vulnerabilities affecting an enterprise.
  • Used Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    – Topic modelling using LDA algorithm.
  • Leveraged Solr as the main search engine for indexing the data.
  • Used Python Flask as the MicroServices framework.
  • All code was containerized using Dockers and deployed on the Kubernetes platform.

Technologies Used: SolrNLTKPython Flask, IBM Private Cloud, DockerKubernetes