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AI Floor Generation, 3D Modeling and Interior Design Software

A design firm aimed to develop an AI-powered interior design software to automate and streamline the design process. We developed a compact software powered by the latest Generative AI technologies.

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations for Conglomerate’s Manufacturing Company

To leverage AI and optimize the conglomerate’s manufacturing processes across various areas: logistics, supply chain management, distribution, and production itself.

Order Management System for Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Developed a next-generation order management system for a leading oilfield equipment and services provider. The objective was to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer engagement.

Enhancing Sales Operations for a Fabric Manufacturing Company

Establishing a fully integrated AI system capable of making informed predictions to optimize inventory and sales strategies by integrating existing data sources and external data sources.

Predictive Maintenance & Component Failure Analysis of Aircrafts

Developed a suite of predictive maintenance algorithms to analyze data from various sources to predict aircrafts' component health and optimize maintenance schedules.

Predictive Metrology for Control Systems of Glass Manufacturing

Developed an Open-Loop-System that aids factory operational personnel to control the glass coating process, improves the product quality, and reduces waste.

Battery Life Predictions of Medical Equipments

Built a medical equipment’s battery remaining life prediction system with custom ML models based on early life cycle test data. The model predicted the remaining life in terms of the number of cycles.

Image Processing System to Detect Anomalies in Electric Poles

Building an AI-powered platform that can detect the quality of the third-party provided electric poles' images and process them for anomaly detection to avoid potential hazards.

Product Quality Control System for Plywood Manufacturer

Developing an AI-based real time alerting system for the operating personnels to address the issue of maintaining the optimum size of plywood sheets during the manufacturing process.

Optimizing Sales with Product Recommendation Engine

Built product recommendation engine by analyzing huge amount of data. The solution builds product score with respects to different parameters which change over time intraday.

Real-Time Network Data Diagnostics for Fault Detection

Building a predictive model to find and resolve problem occurrences by analyzing data in real-time from a multitude of Base receiver stations (BTS), Radio Network controllers (RNC) and user equipment.

Machine Learning based Effective Email Marketing Campaign Management

Automating hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns with machine learning to promote products based on the customers’ behavior, includes usage, spending and demographic data.

Optimizing Lead Conversion with ML - NAVIK Converter

Developed and Launched NAVIK Converter - helping enterprises achieve the maximum benefits from their Big Data and optimize lead conversions.