Data Science Projects


Developing end-to-end Solutions, Custom Applications, POCs, and Demos using the latest Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services & Machine Learning technologies.

Technologies Used:
HDInsights, HDInsight Spark, Azure, EventHub, Azure Streaming Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage, Cognitive Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, R Server, CosmosDB, Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Polybase, Xamarin Apps, PowerBI

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Amazon AWS

Predictive Analytics Solution

Technologies Used: Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, VPC, S3, Kony MobileFabric, Tibco Spotfire, Attunity CloudBeam, Trend Micro Deep Security, SoftNAS Cloud NAS

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Southern California Edison

Image Quality Detection Platform

Technologies Used: TensorFlow, Google Vertex AI, Google AI Platform , Google Kubernetes Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Function Apps, CosmosDB

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Data Lake Implementation and Operationalization
Inventory Optimization System

Technologies Used: Azure CloudAzure MLAzure Data Factory, Azure Blobs, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL DB, PowerBI, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Server, SQL Server (on premise), Power BI, SQL Scripts, PowerShell Scripts

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Glas Trosch

Predictive Metrology for Control Systems

Technologies Used: On-premise Microsoft stack, Azure Cloud, Open Source Pricing Algorithms, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blobs, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL DB, PowerBI

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Resolve Digital Health

Pill Detection from Images

Technologies Used: Google Cloud, Apache Spark, Apache KafkaTensorFlow, OpenCV, Python, R

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Automated Data Pipeline

Technologies Used: Amazon RedshiftElasticSearch, Kibana, Apache SparkApache Kafka, MySQL RDBMs, Python, Java programming languages

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Inter-American Development Bank

Knowledge Management System

Technologies Used: IBM Bluemix Cloud, Watson Suite, Watson Analytics, DashDB, CloudandDB, Node.js

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Anomaly Detection Platform

Technologies Used: Apache Spark, Kafka, InfluxDB, Kapacitor, TensorFlow (LSTM), fbProphet, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon AWS Cloud

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Merlin Cyber

AI Based Cyber Security Platform
NLP based Search Engine
Technologies Used:
Apache Spark, Kafka, MongoDB, Datastax Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes, Calico, Prometheus, Grafana, Helm, IBM Cloud, React, Springboot Microservices, NGINX, Solr, NLTK, Python Flask, Dockers, Kubernetes, IBM Private Cloud

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Campaign Conversion Platform

Technologies Used:Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Apache Spark, Apache Spark Machine Learning, Couchbase, Amazon EC2, S3.

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Myriad Technologies

Lessons Learned

Technologies Used: Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Custom Skills, Open Source NLP Algorithms (NLTK), Python, Responsive HTML

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Nimble Storage (acquired by HPE)

Predictive Maintenance Platform
Technologies Used:
Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Ignite, Hadoop HDFS, HP Vertica, App Server, Shiny R Server, D3.js

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Biloba Architecture

AI-generated House Floor Plans

Technologies Used: Google Cloud, PyTorch, GAN Models, OpenCV, Python

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Secured Mobile Payments for Retailers

Technologies Used:  Cloudera Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Impala, Security, Sentry, Compression, Multi tenancy, MySQL, Java, Amazon AWS.

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Marketing Analytics Platform

Technologies Used:  Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform.

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Real Time Network Diagnostics – Machine Learning based.

Technologies Used:  NSN’s Private Cloud Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Apache Mahout (Naïve Bayesian, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree) .

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